Revelation 23: 'The Play'

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AuthorHouse, Aug 27, 2003 - Drama - 108 pages
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Revelation 23 {the play} brings the words of Jesus from the past to the present with a twist of science, superstition, and interpretation, which culminates in unsuspected consequences. Jesus Christ is brought back through genetics, tested, tried, and judged in our way in the present. It is very interesting to feel and replay such a historic time in the 21st century. This play throws caution to words subjected to interpretation, as all words most surely are. It also points out that interpretation is a very personal thing and can have dangerous consequences when injected with a dose of the heard mentality. It travels a fictitious path of the what if, through the corridors of subjective interpretation and finally arrives in the theatre of unintended destruction. It is almost fictitious enough to be believable. Hopefully, not quite! "

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About the author (2003)

William's background is one of a technical and engineering nature, although his interests have always been in the beauty of language and the power of carefully crafted words. He has spent 30 years in a politically and religiously passive state, thinking that no one opinion in such areas could possibly make the slightest dent in the fenders of ya's and na' s. His life was one of comfort and contentment and was perfectly willing to sit back and watch politicians, religious leaders, teachers, and soccer moms spout their varying opinions as to how the world should turn at the speed of their own personal beliefs. Then one day as the world was turning and the one he loved was turning with it, his literary fire was ignited as he found himself standing very still and very alone. A profound feeling of emptiness engulfed him and he finally awakened to the fact that the spoken word was the most temporary of things and could never be a lasting fulfillment. It also occurred to him that the spoken word was derived from the wind and forever blows with it. William suddenly began to envision the written word, as being the exclusive library of all human thought and the only lasting comfort given to human expression. It being the only place in which we are truly free to express ourselves, without the fears of repercussions of politics, religion, soccer moms and yes, so called loved ones. Therefore, this is his story of which he expresses himself freely and fearlessly; for as surely as the wind blows with all it's ferocity through the words from speaking lips and dissipates through fading memories, his written words will endure forever. Read, think, and enjoy. Inspired by and dedicated to M.T.

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