Revelations: Alpha and Omega

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iUniverse, 2001 - Fiction - 508 pages
"I will open my mouth in a parable, I will utter dark sayings of old, which we have heard and known and our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from our children..." Psalm 78:2-4 presents Revelations, Alpha and Omega. In its opening scene, the narrator promises "Stories, myths, and legends. I'll show you where they all began. And more importantly, how they end." In fulfilling this promise, David Allen Rigsby's epic tale carries the reader on a mythical tour through time and space, where the inter-relation of religious tales and historical events is revealed.

The classic struggle between God and Satan proves to be true! Gabriel told the prophet Daniel that the understanding of end-time prophecy was to be sealed until the end days. Are they here? Revelations Omega chillingly predicted the terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers and Washington DC. So what is next? Readers perplexed by the events of today's world can look to Revelations, Alpha and Omega for understanding, solace, and hope.

"Original, enlightening, and provocative...a captivating tale! Rigsby's interpretation casts a light on human affairs which is both timeless and timely." —Henry Berry, Editor/Publisher, The Small Press Book Review

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I've read all of the "Left Behind" series and the "Christ Clone Trilogy." This two-part (but both are in the one book) story leaves them all behind! (Pardon the pun.) I had no idea that history and the Bible went together like this. Adam and Eve were buried in the Giza pyrmamids, which were built by the righteous seed of Seth... NOT the Egyptians. How did a handful of men do that? By faith that moves mountains. Jesus said we could command a mountain to cast itself into the sea and if we had enough faith, it would obey. If that doesn't seem far-fetched enough, the author cleverly reveals through the plot and his characters how he came about such startling conclusions and revelations. (Now I understand the title). The real shocker was that Lucifer is a living machine made in the image of the original pre-flood serpent that joins with four other living machines of gold (lion, eagle, ox, and man) and carries God's throne this way in the 3-D world. Talk about some ancient Power Rangers! I won't spoil anymore of the story. You've got to read this one. It even predicted the fall of the World Trade Towers and the attack on Washington DC and this story was originally copyrighted in 1999! 

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I can applaud the imagination that went into this story, but unfortunately, the entire implication of naked angels frolicking with naked mortals is weird. And the idea that God "discovered" something about Himself as He created angels and men, leaves me wondering why should we trust that He knows what He's doing in the first place. The author has made God almost as dumb as Eve and half as silly, so I'm sorry, but this take on the Bible stories is quite superficial. It offers no insights into the human condition and certainly brings nothing but colorful images of a Shangri La-type existence before the fall.  

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