Rhona, by mrs. Forrester, Volume 2

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Page 32 - Grinder, who serenely grindest At my door the Hundredth Psalm, Till thou ultimately findest Pence in thy unwashen palm: Grinder, jocund-hearted Grinder, Near whom Barbary's nimble son, Poised with skill upon his hinder Paws, accepts the proffered bun: Dearly do I love thy grinding; Joy to meet thee on thy road Where thou prowlest through the blinding Dust with that stupendous load, 'Neath the baleful star of Sirius, When the postmen slowlier jog, And the ox becomes delirious, And the muzzle decks...
Page 134 - ... how I love you — think how divinely happy we may be together, and do not let yourself be deterred by a few difficulties that will soon disappear if we are both determined to show a bold front to them. Your mother, I am sure, is too kind and gentle to exercise any tyranny over you, and your cousin, if he is a gentleman, (which I have no reason to doubt), will hardly insist upon marrying you if he knows that the idea is repugnant to you.

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