"Right to Peace" Resolution: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements of ..., 93-2, March 13, 1974

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Page 7 - but how do you do it realistically ? What institutions are you talking about ? Now, I myself have two possibilities in mind. The first is to reinvigorate and give strong support to the United Nations. The United Nations was created for this purpose. The words of the charter pledge "to rid succeeding generations of the scourges of war." There has been a tendency in recent times, on the part of
Page 9 - power become antithetical. In real life, law and power operate together. Power not ruled by law is a menace; but law not served by power is a delusion. Law is
Page 2 - of the United States to initiate and to implement with other nations practical steps consistent with our commitment to the United Nations for the expeditious realization of such institutions. COSPONSORS OF H. CON. RES. 417 AND 418 Mr. Drinan, Ms.
Page 26 - Yet I would like to suggest that a generation of peace is not enough. Perhaps it would be a great improvement over the past generation, but it is not enough because if at the end of a generation we have not created a firm foundation for a peaceful world, we could have an even greater
Page 5 - I appreciate the gentleman's philosophy on this, and I think it is very commendable. I just question what do you do about military coups and things that take place so fast. To my knowledge, there would be no institution or organization that could get there fast enough to prohibit that from being a war. Mr.
Page 14 - Much has been written of the inherent combatative, competitive, warlike nature of life and man. But those forces of disintegration and disorganization are indeed the natural forces of death and extinction. The magical feature which so clearly distinguishes life and successful evolution is the harnessing of energy by cooperative phenomena to bring order and organization.
Page 9 - would lack the protection of their governments; infectious diseases and insect pests would cross frontiers all the time; and even diplomats—who are supposedly full-time practitioners of power politics—would be unable to carry on their business.
Page 25 - by statements from various Secretaries of State and Secretaries of Defense that we must plan for what our weapons posture will be in the next generation and in the year 2000, et cetera, et cetera. I think it is very important, if we believe it. that, the Congress go on record as saying that
Page 29 - Professor Price, in your opening biography here, I see you served as chairman of a great many organizations, and I just wondered, with all of these contacts with those organizations what you personnally are doing to support the US efforts to effect the direction that the United States might be taking in the SALT talks. Mr.
Page 29 - In other words, I have a hunch—I may be wrong—that I am hearing from Justice Goldberg that he is greatly in favor of the SALT talks, and from you, and I believe Mr. Stanley, and I wondered what all three of you are doing to further those thoughts besides telling us. What are you doing publicly

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