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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Fiction - 220 pages
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Lane Jackson, a charismatic debonair brother from Miami, Florida knows the meaning of working hard to get the things he desires in life. He grew up in an emotionally-turbulent home with an abusive father who beat him and his mother on a regular basis. His role models were notorious thugs and drug dealers that epitomized the drug-infested signature Miami neighborhoods of Liberty City and Opa Locka of the late 80?s. Determined to beat the odds though, Lane never gives in to the temptation of the fast dollar (except for that one time). His ultimate weakness? The ladies, especially the wrong ones, like the gold-diggers, the hoochies, and the drama queens that he always seems to get mixed up with. In his late 20?s, after far too many dead-end meaningless relationships, he decides to put the ladies on hold while he pursues a college degree, that is until he meets Rita Davis, a sexy bi-racial vixen, in an online chat room called MiamiChat. After several weeks of intriguing private chat conversations Rita, whose online screen name is Rita69GrL, seems to have it all (brains, beauty, and a stunning personality to match). Over the course of a few weeks, their online friendship blossoms into mutual romantic feelings for one another and they consider an in-person encounter. There's just one thing Rita failed to mention during all those stimulating chat conversations. What could her dark secret possibly be? When antagonists Kendra (a Caucasian-wanna-be-sista), and Ivan (an overly-eccentric sexaholic), start to stir things up, the tangled web that's weaved has murderous implications. This first installment of a 4-part series, coined The Foreplay Series, is sure to leave a lasting impression. (Notintended for minors)

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