Rituals of Power: From Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages

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Frans Theuws, Janet Laughland Nelson
BRILL, 2000 - Počet stran: 503
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13 papers by 16 leading archaeologists and historians of late antiquity and the early middle ages break new ground in their discussion, analysis and criticism of present interpretations of early medieval rituals and their material correlates. Some deal with rituals relating to death, life cycles and the circulation in other contexts of objects otherwise used in the burial ritual. Others are concerned with the symbolism and ideology of royal power, the formation of a political ideology east of the Rhine from the mid-5th century onwards, and penance rituals in relation to Carolingian episcopal discourse on ecclesiastical power and morale. All deal with the creation of new identities, cultures, norms and values, and their expression in new rituals and ideas from the period of the Great Migrations through the Later Roman Empire down to the society of Beowulf and the later Carolingians.

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the formation of a political
The theoretical strength and practical weakness of
Kingship rituals and ideology in Lombard Italy
Carolingian royal funerals
Transformations of penance
The dead and their gifts The will of Eberhard count
Beyond power Ceremonial exchanges in Beowulf
The circulation of weapons in AngloSaxon society
sword depositions in Late Antique
by way of conclusion
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O autorovi (2000)

Frans Theuws is a specialist in Frankish archaeology teaching in the Department of European Archaeology of the C.M. Kan-Instituut of the University of Amsterdam and leader of the inter-university South-Netherlands research project on long term developments in the cultural landscape from the late Neolithic into the Late Middle Ages.
Janet L. Nelson is Professor of History at King's College, London and publishes on Frankish and Anglo-Saxon political and social history.

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