Robert Louis Stevenson: The Critical Heritage

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Paul Maixner
Routledge, 2013-10-31 - 556 psl.
The Critical Heritage gathers together a large body of critical sources on major figures in literature. Each volume presents contemporary responses to a writer's work, enabling students and researchers to read the material themselves.


Chronology of Works
Unsigned notice Westminster Review July 1882
Introduction Contents
An Inland Voyage 1878
Sidney Colvin unsigned review Athenaeum June 1878
George Meredith letter to Stevenson June 1878
Henry James letter to T S Perry September 1879
Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes 1879
T WattsDunton unsigned review Athenaeum August 1886
William James letter to Alice James September 1886
Stevenson from Note for The Merry Men 1887
Henry James Robert Louis Stevenson Century Magazine April 1888
The Black Arrow 1888
R H Hutton unsigned review Spectator August 1888
William Archer unsigned review Pall Mall Gazette August 1888
Gavin Ogilvy J M Barrie Robert Louis Stevenson British Weekly November 1888

Dr John Brown letters to Stevenson and Lady Minto 1879 1880
Unsigned review Spectator September 1879
Virginibus Puerisque 1881
W E Henley letter to Stevenson April 1881
E Purcell review Academy July 1881
George Saintsbury unsigned review Pall Mall Gazette March 1882
Unsigned review British Quarterly Review July 1882
New Arabian Nights 1882
Unsigned notice Westminster Review January 1883
H C Bunner unsigned review Century Magazine February 1883
Gerard Manley Hopkins letter to R W Dixon August 1883
Stevenson letters to Henley August and September 1881
Arthur John Butler unsigned review Athenaeum December 1883
W E Henley unsigned review Saturday Review December 1883
Stevenson letter to Henley December 1883
W E Henley letter to Stevenson February 1884
Stevenson letter to James December 1884
Stevenson letter to Edmund Gosse March 1885
R H Hutton unsigned review Spectator March 1885
Stevenson on Archers assessment letters to Archer Thomas
Stevenson and Henry James October and November 1885
W E Henley unsigned review Athenaeum November 1885
Stevenson letter to Henley November ? 1885
Edmund Gosse letter to Stevenson November 1885
Stevenson letter to Gosse January 1886
Andrew Lang unsigned review Saturday Review January 1886
James Ashcroft Noble review Academy January 1886
Unsigned parody Punch February 1886
F W H Myers criticism and proposed revisions of Jekyll and Hyde letters to Stevenson 1886 1887
Julia Wedgwood notice Contemporary Review April 1886
Unsigned review Secret Sin Rock April 1886
Gerard Manley Hopkins letter to Robert Bridges October 1886
Edmund Gosse letter to Stevenson July 1886
R H Hutton unsigned review Spectator July 1886
Unsigned review Saturday Review August 1886
George Moore from Confessions of a Young Man 1888
Unsigned review Mr R L Stevenson in the Wrong Box Pall Mall
Gazette June 1889
The Master of Ballantrae 1889
Unsigned review Pall Mall Gazette September 1889
Andrew Lang unsigned review Daily News October 1889
W E Henley unsigned review Scots Observer October 1889
George Moore review Hawk November 1889
R H Hutton unsigned review Spectator March 1887
Annie R M Morgan unsigned review Nation New York May 1887
Edmund Gosse letter to G A Armour January 1891
Unsigned review Scottish Leader April 1892
William Archer review Pall Mall Gazette April 1892
Stevenson letters to Henry James Colvin and Charles Baxter
October and November 1891
Island Nights Entertainments 1893
Stevenson letters to Colvin 1891 1892
Lionel Johnson review Academy June 1893
Edward BurneJones letter to Colvin 1893
Edmund Gosse letter to Stevenson November 1893
The EbbTide 1894
Richard Le Gallienne review Star September 1894
Israel Zangwill review Critic New York November 1894
A T QuillerCouch review Speaker June 1896
J St Loe Strachey unsigned review Spectator June 1896
A T QuillerCouch a response Speaker May 1897
Joseph Jacobs unsigned review Athenaeum October 1897
W E Henley against the Seraph in Chocolate the barleysugar effigy Pall Mall Magazine December 1901
G K Chesterton against the unjust disparagement of Stevenson
Bookman Booklet 1902
Maurice Hewlett The Renown of Stevenson The Times April 1922
Leonard Woolf The Fall of Stevenson Nation and the Athenaeum
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