Robinson Crusoes of Warsaw

Jesse Russel, Ronald Cohn
Book on Demand, 2013. 1. 28. - 138페이지
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Robinson Crusoes of Warsaw were people who, after the end of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and the subsequent planned destruction of Warsaw by Nazi Germany, decided to stay and hide in the ruins of the German-occupied city. The period of hiding spanned as long as three and a half months, from the day of the capitulation of the uprising, October 2, 1944, until the entry of the Red Army on January 17, 1945. Most of the Robinsons were Jews, although a considerable number of non-Jewish Poles were also present. The hideaways lived in the ruins of houses, basements, and bunkers which had been prepared ahead of time. They lived in extremely dire circumstances, while the city was being destroyed around them. Some managed to escape Warsaw, many were captured and killed by the Germans, while others survived until the withdrawal of German troops.

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