Women's Role in Ministry

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The debate about women serving in ministry has been just as vigorous and heated in the past as it is today. It has been argued by many and almost all are saying they are coming from a Biblical perspective. Thus the question I ask is, “If this is the case what does the Bible say?”

A personal note before we go too far. My focus is about preaching Christ crucified and risen to deliver to man salvation, and the only part man has to play is to believe and repent. I am about the Fathers business. I would only wish we could do books on men’s role and responsibility to ministry.


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About the author

Dr. Ian Traill is a missionary to China where he has been for the past 15 years.

Previously he had planted a Church in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia and now he is involved in planting Churches in China and developing Traillblazer, Tony Smits Bible College throughout the nation.

Arriving in August 2000 to take up a position teaching English at Universities and Colleges, working as a "tentmakers" ministry, he has been conducting Bible classes and training people in the area of leadership with the view of them starting their own home church. Ian has a strong desire to bring teaching to the people, thus he has written many books.

A missionary is one who is sent to cross over geographic and cross-cultural boundaries to plant the Word of God and a local church, thus establishing God’s culture in a new location. The Gospel of John clearly portrays Jesus as fulfilling the ministry of a missionary sent from God (John 3:17-34, 4:34, 5:23, 5:36-38, 6:29-57, 7:16-33, 8:16-42, 9:4, 10:36, 11:42, 12:44-49, and13:20). Jesus Christ came as a missionary to this world to save us, but non-Christians reading His story in a newspaper at that time, would say that He was a failure. We, of course, are aware He did not fail. It is because of His mission that we are here today, and it was through someone else that we heard about Jesus too. Faith comes by hearing the Word, but if there is no preacher how can people hear? So we are going to all nations.

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