Roman Antiquities: Or, An Account of the Manners and Customs of the Romans: Designed to Illustrate the Latin Classics, by Explaining Words and Phrases, from the Rites and Customs to which They Refer

Blackie & Son, 1839 - 528 pagina's
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Pagina 116 - Dio. fragment, xxxiv. 94., the nobility again prevailed under the conduct of Sylla. Sylla abridged, and in a manner extinguished, the power of the tribunes, by enacting, " That whoever had been tribune, should not afterwards enjoy any other magistracy; that there should be no appeal to the tribunes ; that they should not be allowed to assemble the people and make harangues to them, nor to propose laws,
Pagina 231 - Nox, who conducted the souls of the dead in a boat over the rivers Styx and Acheron to the infernal regions, for an obolus.
Pagina 264 - To make matters proceed regularly, from the 1st of the ensuing January, he inserted in the current year, besides the intercalary month of twenty-three days, which fell into it of course, two extraordinary months between November and December, the one of thirty-three, and the other of thirty-four days ; so that this year, which was called the last year of confusion, consisted of...
Pagina 258 - In sacrifices it was requisite that those who offered them should come chaste and pure ; that they should bathe themselves ; be dressed in white robes, and crowned with the leaves of that tree which was thought most acceptable to the god whom they worshipped. Sometimes also in the garb of suppliants, with dishevelled hair, loose robes, and barefooted.
Pagina 437 - The exportation of paper being prohibited by one of the Ptolemies, out of envy against Eumenes, King of Pergamus, who endeavoured to rival him in the magnificence of his library, the use of parchment, or the art of preparing skins for writing, was discovered at Pergamus, hence called PERGAMENA, sc. charta, vel MEMBHANA, parchment. Hence also Cicero calls his four books of Academics, quatuor Bip&ji*, ie libri e membranis facti, Att.
Pagina 402 - She was taken apparently by force from the arms of her mother or nearest relation, in memory of the violence used to the Sabine women. Three boys, whose parents were alive, attended her; two of them, supporting her by the arm, and the third bearing a flambeau of pine or thorn before.7 There were five other torches carried before her, called FACES NUPTIALES MAKIT.K LEGITIM.E.
Pagina 263 - Numa, in imitation of the Greeks, divided the year into twelve months, according to the course of the moon, consisting in all of 354 days : according to Pliny (Hist. Nat.
Pagina 159 - AU 692. It contained this singular clause, that if a candidate promised money to a tribe, and did not pay it, he should be excused; but if he did pay it, he should be obliged to pay to every tribe a yearly fine of 3000 sestertii as long as he lived, Cic.
Pagina 486 - I compelled the Parthians to restore to me the spoils and standards of three Roman armies and to ask as suppliants for the friendship of the Roman people.
Pagina 258 - ... with a slack rope, that it might not seem to be brought by force, which was reckoned a bad omen. For the same reason it was allowed to stand loose before the altar ; and it was a very bad omen if it fled away.

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