Romances and ballads of Ireland

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Hercules Ellis
J. Duffy, 1850 - Literary Collections - 432 pages
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Page 91 - ... his path. And tell how now, amid wreck and sorrow, And want, and sickness, and houseless nights, He bides in calmness the silent morrow, That no ray lights. And lives he still, then ? Yes ! Old and hoary At thirty-nine, from despair and woe, He lives enduring what future story Will never know. Him grant a grave to, ye pitying noble, Deep in your bosoms ! There let him dwell ! He, too, had tears for all souls in trouble, Here and in hell.
Page 89 - That once there was one whose veins ran lightning No eye beheld. Tell how his boyhood was one drear night-hour, How shone for him, through his griefs and gloom, No star of all heaven sends to light our Path to the tomb.
Page 90 - Perchance not deep, but intense and rapid — A mountain stream. Tell how this Nameless, condemned for years long To herd with demons from hell beneath, Saw things that made him, with groans and tears, long For even death. Go on to tell how, with genius wasted, Betrayed in friendship, befooled in love, With spirit shipwrecked, and young hopes blasted, He still, still strove; Till spent with toil, dreeing death for others, And some whose hands should have wrought for him...
Page 186 - Fitted to conquer or fated to fall ? " And Beirdra, the Druid, made answer as thus, — A priest of a hundred years was he: — " Dathy! thy fate is not hidden from us! Hear it through me! — Thou shalt work thine own will! Thou shalt slay, thou shalt prey, And be Conqueror still! Thee the Earth shall not harm! Thee we charter and charm From all evil and ill! Thee the laurel shall crown! Thee the wave shall not drown! Thee the chain shall not bind! Thee the spear shall not find! Thee the sword shall...
Page 90 - And tell how trampled, derided, hated, And worn by weakness, disease, and wrong, He fled for shelter to God, who mated His soul with song.
Page 89 - Tell how, disdaining all earth can give, He would have taught men, from wisdom's pages, The way to live. And tell how trampled, derided, hated, And worn by weakness, disease, and wrong, He...
Page 323 - SPEAK no more of life, What can life bestow, In this amphitheatre of strife, All times dark with tragedy and woe? Knowest thou not how care and pain Build their lampless dwelling in the brain, Ever, as the stern intrusion Of our teachers, time and truth, Turn to gloom the bright illusion, Rainbowed on the soul of youth ? Could I live to find that this is so ? Oh ! no! no! As the stream of time Sluggishly doth flow, Look how all of beaming and sublime, Sinks into the black abysm below. Yea, the lofiiest...
Page 185 - KING DATHY assembled his Druids and Sages, And thus he spake them : " Druids and Sages! What of King Dathy ? What is revealed in Destiny's pages Of him or his ? Hath he Aught for the Future to dread or to dree ? Good to rejoice in, or evil to flee? Is he a foe of the Gall — Fitted to conquer or fated to fall ? " And Beirdra, the Druid, made answer as thus, — A priest of a hundred years was he: —
Page 55 - As yet yields but a doleful sound To Europe's race. Look round, my soul ! and see, and say If those about thee understand Their mission here : The will to smite, the power to slay, Abound in every heart and hand Afar, anear ; But, God ! must yet the conqueror's sword Pierce mind, as heart, in this proud year ? O, dream it not ! It sounds a false, blaspheming word, Begot and born of moral fear, And ill-begot.
Page 187 - And the billow drowned him not, And a fetter bound him not, And the blue spear found him not, And the red sword slew him not, And the swift shaft knew him not, And the foe o'erthrew him not. Till, one bright morn, at the base Of the Alps, in rich Ausonia's regions, His men stood marshalled face to face With the mighty Roman legions. Noble foes ! Christian and Heathen stood there among those...

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