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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - Poetry - 76 pages
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The following material contains graphic violence, romance to the highest degree, and a slash of poetry, thrown in only to delude your senses of its true appearance. The tales are both fabricated works, partly fiction, partly true being that at one point, they were thought. The first half, is known for poetry. Though the words may be written in text, they are truly an art form. The second half, is filled to the brim with two stories. The first a tale of demonic and epic proportions. Though in length it would seem the tale is quite short, by un-ended paths, it remains one of the most vast stories ever told. Exploring such a masterpiece takes work, thought and more than anything heart. It is the tale of Five young people. Three who have been plagued with the same curse as Count Vladimir The Impaler' who returned form the holy crusades with a distinct change in his life, and a hatred for the sun. The remaining two, plagued with the curse of the lycans, doomed to become ferocious beasts under the moons light, yet to control that power while the moon is not in its full view. The five will come to understand what it means to be human. Or die in the process. The second story is a tale of how ironic marriage ceremonies are, in all their glory. A tale of a young man and woman, who have been pushed to the limits of existence, only to find that no matter what happens, love will heal all wounds. Even those that love itself had once caused. In their journey they will find the evils of man, the corrupt acts that our beloved GOD may commit, and the wondrous outcomes he plans for them. This is Romance, this is Homicide. The truth be told, this only the beginning. They can try their best to escape fate, but In all truth no one can escape the things fate has planned only twist them as they see fit. God has never allowed something to happen without first leading it into a clear and well-thought solution. This solution will be clearer to you, through Romanticide.

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