Romeo and Juliet: A Verse Translation

Front Cover
Full Measure Press, 2011 - Drama - 172 pages
This complete, line-by-line Romeo and Juliet translation makes the language of Shakespeare's play contemporary yet sounds and feels like Shakespeare's original play.The aim is to capture both sound and sense of Shakespeare's most beloved tragedy without the need for glosses or notes--to use contemporary language without simplifying or modernizing the play in any other way. Readers experience this tale of star-crossed lovers with the challenge, comprehension, and delight of audiences 400 years ago--the way Shakespeare intended.Features*Line-by-line verse translations not prose paraphrases.*Complete. No lines deleted. No dumbing down.*Accurate and authentic iambic pentameter. *True to the feel and look of Shakespeare's original.*Tone, complexity, and poetic devices preserved.*Subtlety and richness revealed without the need of notes and glosses. *Accessible introduction to classic drama. *Attractive, uncluttered, easy-to-read layout.*Stage-ready for an audience-pleasing theatrical performance.

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