Rooseveltian Fact and Fable

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Broadway Publishing Company, 1908 - 198 pages

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Page 23 - ... season, will die. This is not only terrible from the standpoint of the individual lives lost, but it means ruin from the standpoint of the...
Page 127 - Spain, who would have every right to protest. Much more, such a measure would be, in the eyes of the Filipinos and of the entire Catholic world, the explicit confirmation of all the accusations brought against the said religious by their enemies, accusations of which the falsity, or at least the evident exaggeration, cannot be disputed.
Page 23 - I write only because I can not see our men, who have fought so bravely and who have endured extreme hardship and danger so uncomplainingly, go to destruction without striving, so far as lies in me, to avert a doom as fearful as it is unnecessary and undeserved.
Page 23 - The four immune regiments ordered here are sufficient to garrison the city and surrounding towns, and there is absolutely nothing for us to do here, and there has not been since the city surrendered. It is impossible to move into the interior. Every shifting of camp doubles the sick rate in our present weakened condition, and anyhow the interior is rather worse than the coast, as I have found by actual reconnoisance.
Page 153 - State that $200,000 should be raised at once and that if he would help I would subscribe $50,000. After a few words over the telephone the gentleman said he would let me know, which he did probably in three or four hours, with the result that the whole amount, including my subscription, had been raised. The checks were given to Treasurer Bliss, who took them to Chairman Cortelyou.
Page 50 - I should think, after having enjoyed the honors that you have had at the hands of the government, you'd feel a keen pride in your present occupation ! No, I don't want any more of your old tubs. The one I bought yesterday is good for nothing except to sink somewhere in the path of the enemy's fleet. It will be God's mercy if she doesn't go down with brave men on her — men who go to war and risk their lives, instead of staying home to sell rotten hulks to the government!
Page 22 - To keep us here in the opinion of every officer commanding a division or a brigade, will simply involve the destruction of thousands. There is no possible reason for not shipping practically the entire command North at once.
Page 23 - We can be moved North, if moved at once, with absolute safety to the country, although, of course, it would have been infinitely better if we had been moved North or to Porto Rico two weeks ago. If there were any object in keeping us here, we would face yellow fever with as much indifference as we faced bullets.
Page 156 - A suggestion has come to me in a roundabout way that you do not think it wise to come to see me in these closing days of the campaign, but that you are reluctant to refuse, inasmuch as I have asked you.
Page 130 - My dear Mrs. Storer, I have just received your letter. I need not say what a pleasure it would be for me to do anything I can for Archbishop Ireland. You know how high a regard I have always felt for him ; he represents the type of Catholicism which, in my opinion, must prevail in the United States if the Catholic Church is to attain its full measure of power and usefulness with our people and under our form of government.

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