Rosetta Stone

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Project Renaissance Limited, Mar 1, 2008 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 552 pages
Set between 1935 and 2008: a masterpiece of personal transformation and the supernatural. The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung becomes embroiled in a struggle against the demon Harlequin trickster Dominic Magister, as he works to control the fate of beautiful spiritual medium Rosetta Stone. Volume Two of Tom Stevens ESP Series sees the return of perhaps his most popular 'villain' in Dominic Magister - the evil Harlequin trickster from the Oxfords Blues Trilogy. The ESP books are characterised by two parallel but interacting narratives, set in different historical time periods, that conjoin in a momentous finale. Here, the reader joins the story in 1935 during the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung's famous 'Tavistock Lectures' in London. Two members of the SPR - the Society for Psychical Research, seek Jung's help in their study of a beautiful immigrant Italian girl,Rosa Deluca: a natural spiritual medium who's extraordinary 'spirit guide' turns out to be far more extraordinary than even they could have believed. The Harlequin returns to the material world in time to become embroiled in the occult background of the Nazi party in Germany and the Fascist party in Italy, helping to engineer the Spanish Civil War and eventually the Second World War itself. Then in 2008, he returns to Britain to find his granddaughter by Rosa - called Rosetta Stone, now a highly successful spirit medium herself, to use her to open the ancient Celtic portal to 'Annwn' - 'The Otherworld' - in order to gain control again of the Cauldron of Rebirth. The SPR's modern descendant's - the ESP paranormal research Institute, find themselves in mortal conflict with the mercurial trickster as the ancient spirits of the land, both light and dark are drawn together for their epic final battle. Transpersonal novelist & Mythic Fiction writer Tom Stevens was born in Liverpool in 1957 He was a serving Merseyside Police Officer for 13 years in the 1970's and 1980's He is a psychotherapist with over 25 years' experience in front-line NHS and private sector health-care He has practical experience of parapsychological research into the paranormal the supernatural and the occult. His life-long study of history, mythology, comparative religion and Jungian depth psychology, together with his police and professional therapeutic experience form the wellspring of his creative work. He is currently working on a TV project for his Oxfords Blues Trilogy Series with noted television and film producer Colin McKeowan (The Bill, Thief Takers, Liverpool-One and Liam.

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