Rosita in Mexico: Cuernavaca

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AuthorHouse, Aug 12, 2008 - Education - 196 pages
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   "Rosita felt like a taco all wrapped up in Mama Elena's rebozo shawl."  Three year old Rosita Chavez is dark eyed, cute, and cuddly. The Chavez family is desperately poor, struggling to get ahead.

   A humorous accident lands Rosita's gradpa, skinny Abuelo Don Juan and his donkey, right in the middle of wealthy Helen Winter's flower beds.  The situation ignites a bond of friendship which develops between the two families. Don Juan is pressured by is wife, Lupita, to accomplish that which is beyond his reach. 

   Wearing her long skirts, an apron and huarache sandals, Rosita's mother, Mama Elena is strong, hard working, loving and kind. Six year old Daniel Winters takes to her immediately. Mama Elena treats Daniel as if he were her own son. He becomes protective of Rosita.

   The two families' entertaining adventures exploring the historical sites of the City of Cuernavaca help develop a mutual understanding of their cultural differences. While Rosita and her family struggle to achieve what the Winters take for granted, the Winters on the other hand, begin to change their outlook on life and take pleasure in learning about the people around them. Helen Winters is determined to help the Chavez family in a way that does not hurt their pride.

   "Rosita in Mexico" is an educational and emotionally heart-warming book for children ages 9 to 99. Pointing out the cultural differences, the historical wealth, and the geographical diversity of Mexico, this book begins to fill the gap in understanding between the peoples inhabiting the North American Continent.     


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About the author (2008)

   Born in Mexico City, Mexico, of British-American heritage, Joan Long is fluent in both English and Spanish. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology from the University of the Americas in Mexico City, Joan became a partner in the private bilingual school that her mother, Shirley Long, had founded twenty years prior to her joining the business. Over the next twenty years Joan taught Math and History to students in grades five through nine.Her students represented many different nationalities and came from all walks of life.

   Joan earned a listing in the World Who's Who of Women, 7th Edition, 1984, Cambridge, England, for her excellence as a teacher and for her extensive volunteer work in the community. Through her volunteer work she became acutely aware of the extreme needs of the poverty stricken population. She has traveled throughout Mexico, visiting every state in the country. She has climbed hundreds of pyramids, been to most of the museums, and traveled on all the highways. Her heart and soul still roam throughout her birthplace.

   After immigrating to the United States in the late 1980's, Joan became aware of the tremendous lack of understanding between the peoples living on opposite sides of the Rio Grande. She is a firm believer that education enlightens the mind and can change a person's life. Over the years she has felt a driving desire to write about the cultural differences, the historical wealth and the geographical diversity of Mexico.

   Joan lives in Arizona where she continues studying. She has always dreamed of  writing about the Mexican peoples and their culture, taking her readers throughout the country in an historically and geographically accuate, entertaining and ecucational series.

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