Rugantino: Or, The Bravo of Venice

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Wells and Lilly, 1822 - Promptbooks - 51 pages

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Page 31 - Y 2 what Abellino has done must possess both such talents and such courage as (stood he at the head of an army) would enable him to conquer half the world ! Would that I could once get a sight of him !" " Look up then ! " roared Abellino, and clapped the doge on the shoulder.
Page 37 - interrupted Flodoardo boldly ; " no, my lord, I need no excuses for loving Rosabella : 't were for him to excuse himself who had seen Rosabella and not loved her ; yet if it is indeed a crime in me that I adore Rosabella, 't is a crime of which Heaven itself will absolve me, since it formed Rosabella so worthy to be adored !" " You seem to lay too much stress on this fantastic apology...
Page 47 - Mark me, Rosabella ! Seven times over, and seven times again, will I change my appearance, even before your eyes, and that so artfully, that study me as you will the transformation shall still deceive you. But change as I may, of one thing be assured ; / am the man whom you loved as Flodoardo.
Page 31 - Fearful?" answered the Bravo; "dost thou think me so ? Good ! that glads me to my very heart ! Detestable ? that may be so, or it may not. I confess the sign which I hang out gives no great promise of good entertainment within ; but yet, Andreas, one thing is certain, — you and I stand on the same line, for at this moment we are the two greatest men in Venice ; you in your way, / in mine.
Page 28 - This disagreeable Flodoardo — to give me so much vexation. I wish he had never come to Venice. I declare I do not like him at all !" Camilla. " No ? what ? not like Flodoardo ? " Rosabella (casting down her eyes). " No, not at all. Not that I wish him ill either ; for, you know, Camilla, there's no reason why I should hate this poor Flodoardo?
Page 48 - Mercy ! mercy ! Pardon him — pardon AbeUino !" AbeUino (in rapture). " Say'st thou so ? Ho ! ho ! then an angel prays for Abellino in his last moments !" Rosabella (clasping the doge's knees). " Have mercy on him, my friend ! my father ! He is a sinner — but leave him to the justice of Heaven ! He is a sinner — but oh, Rosabella loves him still.
Page 41 - In the border there occurs a delightful little figure of a mermaid with a comb in one hand and a looking-glass in the other.
Page 36 - Does then your happiness require so much?" "It does; much more than I have mentioned, infinitely more ! But one boon can make me happy — I have begged for it on my knees.
Page 51 - ... which is drawn by enormous Dolphins, spouting up water ; while on the head of each stands a little Cupid, holding golden reins, with which he appears to guide the animal. The three rival Goddesses agree to give Rosabella the apple, even Proserpine applauding the decision.
Page 47 - ... was he who encouraged me to attempt them myself! His heart was pure from all mean passions, and capable of conceiving all great designs ! Never did he scruple in the cause of virtue to endure fatigue and pain, and to dry up the tears of suffering innocence — that was Flodoardo's proudest triumph ! Flodoardo and thou ! Wretch, whom many a bleeding ghost has long since accused before the throne of Heaven, dare not thou to profane the name of Flodoardo.

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