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AuthorHouse, Sep 21, 2012 - Drama
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Ruined is a novel about the conflicts of marriage. A young lady of twenty decides to marry a man twenty-seven, and who works for her father. Not exactly for love, but out of revenge. Her father, Ben Amadi, wanted her to get married to Emeka Philips, because of a company's inheritance. As young lovers, Emeka and Kene didn't really get the chance to be free with their emotions, since Kene's father was always there to keep an eye. Emeka left for the UK to school, and chose to forget about Kene. In trying to win him back, Kene fell into Moss Philips ploy. He was Emeka's American father. In revenge Kene decided to marry Jude who was her father's employee. For six years they didn't have a child, and Jude had an extra-marital affair which proved the problem wasn't his. The secret was leaked, and Ben thought he could get his daughter marry the man he wanted not necessarily for love, but selfish interest. The story is so dramatic it has a lot of twists. Kene pays the ultimate price of death out of frustration and betrayal. But there's always a price for everyone. Other great characters in the story are Diola and her sister, Yeni, whom circumstance forced to live the life they would not have loved to. Ruined has intrigues, romance, deceits, spies and basically the general experience of life.

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Thanks to this reviwer.
The author.

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The diction used in this piece of art shows the author had his audience and readers in mind who for sure have different levels of understanding. Nice work.

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