Rules and Regulations Governing Navigation of the Panama Canal and Adjacent Waters, with Amendments Through December 31, 1946

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1947 - 152 pages
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Page 32 - ... on the starboard side a green light, and on the port side a red light, of such a character as to be visible on a dark night with a clear atmosphere at a distance of at least 2 miles...
Page 35 - In obeying and construing these Rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision, and to any special circumstances which may render a departure from the above Rules necessary in order to avoid immediate danger.
Page 31 - A vessel under one hundred and fifty feet in length when at anchor shall carry forward, where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceeding twenty feet above the hull, a white light, in a lantern so constructed as to show a clear, uniform, and unbroken light visible all around the horizon at a distance of at least one mile.
Page 117 - President, rules and regulations governing the anchorage and movement of any vessel, foreign or domestic, in the territorial waters of the United States, may inspect such vessel at any time, place guards thereon, and, if necessary in his opinion in order to secure such vessels from damage or injury, or to prevent damage or injury to any harbor or waters of the United States...
Page 34 - The whistle signals provided in the rules under this article, for steam vessels meeting, passing, or overtaking, are never to be used except when steamers are in sight of each other, and the course and position of each can be determined in the daytime by a sight of the vessel itself, or by night by seeing its signal lights.
Page 40 - Handling explosives, (a) All explosives must be handled carefully. Packages of explosives must not be thrown, dropped, rolled, dragged or slid over each other or over the decks.
Page 84 - States at the Panama Canal Zone, whether such vessels be registered or enrolled and licensed, and the powers in respect of such seamen of such vessels bestowed by law upon consular officers of the United States in foreign ports and upon shipping commissioners in ports of the United States are hereby bestowed upon the shipping commissioner and deputy shipping commissioners on the Panama Canal Zone.
Page 35 - ... (c) A sailing vessel under way shall sound, at intervals of not more than one minute, when on the starboard tack one blast, when on the port tack two blasts in succession, and when with the wind abaft the beam three blasts in succession.
Page 29 - A vessel being pushed ahead shall carry, at the forward end, on the starboard side a green light and on the port side a red light, which shall have the same characteristics as the lights...
Page 11 - By virtue of and nursuant to the authority contained in the act of May 22, 1918 (40 Stat. 559) as extended by the act of March 2, 1921 (41 Stat. 1217; 22 USC 227) and as amended by the act approved June 21, 1941 (55 Stat. 252), the Immigration Act of February 5, 1917 (39 Stat. 874), the Immigration Act of 1924 (43 Stat. 153), as amended, and the Alien Registration Act, 1940 (54 Stat. 670), I hereby...

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