Rural Credits: Hearings ... Sixty-seventh Congress ... on the Bills S.4280 (H.R. 13033) to Provide for the Incorporation and Supervision of Corporations Fromed for the Purpose of Making Agricultural and Live-stock Loans ... and for Other Purposes ...

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1923
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Side 350 - ... notes, drafts, and bills of exchange of factors issued as such making advances exclusively to producers of staple agricultural products in their raw state shall be eligible for such discount; 'but such definition shall not include notes, drafts, or bills covering merely investments or issued or drawn for the purpose of carrying or trading in stocks, bonds, or other investment securities, except bonds and notes of the Government of the United States.
Side 343 - ... and employees, shall have the same powers and privileges and shall be subject to the same duties, liabilities, and regulations, in all respects, as shall have been prescribed by this title for corporations originally organized as National Agricultural Credit Corporations.
Side 350 - Notes, drafts and bills admitted to discount under the terms of this paragraph must have a maturity at the time of discount of not more than ninety days...
Side 335 - ... or any other company, body politic or corporate, or any individual person, or to deceive any officer of such...
Side 343 - ... association on such terms and conditions as may be lawfully agreed upon by a majority of the board of directors of each association or bank proposing to consolidate...
Side 346 - The said committee shall supervise the organization in each of the cities designated of a Federal reserve bank, which shall include in its title the name of the city in which it is situated, as " Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
Side 176 - Agriculture," approved October 1, 1890, is amended by adding at the end thereof a new paragraph to read as follows...
Side 189 - ... of days of grace. (b) Limitations.— No Federal Reserve Bank shall discount for any Federal Intermediate Credit bank any paper which bears the endorsement of any nonmember State bank or trust company which is eligible for membership in the Federal Reserve System under the terms of section 9 of the Federal Reserve Act.
Side 338 - Such as shall be conveyed to it in satisfaction of debts previously contracted in. the course of its dealings.

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