Ryland, a Comedy

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Stage Guild, 1912 - 29 pages
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Page 28 - HADDRILL. [From the door, where be and Sir Joshua are about to go out.~\ Your servant, madam. SIR JOSHUA. Come, Mistress Angelica. Remember, Ryland, I wished to think well of you. RYLAND. I have not long to remember. Sir, your very humble servant. [Exeunt Sir Joshua, Haddrill and Fielding. Angelica stops at the door and turns back, Mary Ryland with her.] ANGELICA. She goes under my protection, Ryland. [Mistress Ryland leaves Angelica for a moment, and goes slowly over to Rylaud who kisses her forehead...
Page 18 - I'm sure. Have you a black dress, Mistress Ryland? MARY RYLAND. William, this is a nightmare. . . . Tell me I'm not awake, William. RYLAND. There, there child! Go with Mr. Haddrill. He'll take you to a draper's. Be sure you get a becoming frock — he has no taste. MARY RYLAND. No, no! HADDRILL. Come, madam. I'll bring you back when I fetch the contract. RYLAND. Yes, child, go. I'm expecting other visitors. . . . Go on with your preparations, Mr. Haddrill. [Haddrill and Mistress Ryland start to go...
Page 28 - RYLAND. [ To Angelica] Madam, is there nothing you can do? ANGELICA. Nothing I care to do. FIELDING. Oh, Mr. Ryland, if you would only — RYLAND. Let me alone. You won't grieve long. You'll get your reward. MARY RYLAND. Oh, William, William! RYLAND. Tush, child, go with Fielding. He'll take care of you. You've done enough ... for me. ANGELICA. For shame, Ryland ! [She gathers Mary Ryland under her arm.] When you need to Ģee her, Mr.
Page 26 - ... must be secret — RYLAND. You can trust me. ANGELICA. And there must be no more talk of love ... no notes, messages, flowers, tokens. You are to be merely a man — an artist — in whose work I take a great interest ... an innocent man whom I endeavor to deliver from an unjust death — RYLAND. Stop. I agree to the secrecy, but I do not pledge myself not to love you. ANGELICA. YOU must. RYLAND. I will not take life on these terms. Secrecy — discretion — yes. . . . You can not require that...
Page 11 - ... Bring her here, lad; I must talk to her. She can twist the Queen around her little finger. Through the Queen she can get me a royal pardon. FIELDING. The time is short. RYLAND. Time enough if she still cares ! [The Gaoler knocks at the door. GAOLER. A lady to see you, sir. FIELDING. Ah ! RYLAND. Who is she ? GAOLER. Your wife, sir. RYLAND. Show her in. [Fielding goes to the door and pays the Gaoler; Mary Ryland comes in, and runs across to Ryland. MARY RYLAND. William ... RYLAND. Good morning,...
Page 18 - Oh ! the shame of it. RYLAND. How much will you pay her ? MARY RYLAND. William, William, how can you ? . . . RYLAND. Hush, my dear. Mr. Haddrill will think you are over-sensitive. This is a matter of business. HADDRILL. It would have a great effect. You might mention it in your speech. . . . MARY RYLAND. This is monstrous. . . . This is terrible. I'll have nothing to do with it. I won't listen. I — RYLAND. You see, Haddrill, there is still some delicacy of feeling left in England. HADDRILL. I thought...
Page 13 - You've sent Fielding to fetch her. . . . RYLAND. The plate's finished. It must have her approval before . . . I go. MARY RYLAND. Don't ! Don't speak of the end. ... I can't bear it. I'm your wife. RYLAND. Poor child. Poor little creature. I think you pity yourself more than you pity me. MARY RYLAND. How can you ? How can you ? RYLAND. Why all this snivelling about so simple a thing as death? A little jaunt from here to somewhere else . . . a step off into the empty air.
Page 7 - I've seen go out of here to Tyburn, housebreakers and murderers and thieves, but never a great artist, Mr. Ryland — never till you. RYLAND. So I'm to be hanged to-morrow morning, eh ? GAOLER. Yes, sir. To-morrow at six. RYLAND. Well . . . No more of this, \_lndicating the engraving] and good-bye to that, eh?
Page 21 - Not patience, Mistress, but an exquisite pleasure. ... to follow your fancy, your sentiment. . . . SIR JOSHUA. It does you credit, sir — and the lady as well. Admirable. . . . Though I see nothing in it to stay the course of justice. RYLAND. [With lofty resignation.] So you believe it to be justice, sir? SIR JOSHUA. My belief has no weight, Ryland. . . . But now that this is done, and the legal pother over with, what are you going to do with it? RYLAND. If it has Mistress Kauffman's approval, what...
Page 16 - I'll not be treated like a shuffling huckster, like a cheating fishmonger, like a dem'd criminal. I'ma communicant of the Church of England, sir! I won't be bound hand and foot. RYLAND. I thought not. HADDRILL. Deuce take you, sir! Blast your eyes, sir! What do you mean by that, sir? RYLAND. Only this. You promise quickly enough, but I mean to see that you perform. HADDRILL.

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