SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting Unstuck

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Simon and Schuster, Jan 11, 2011 - Business & Economics - 288 pages
Expert organizer and New York Times bestselling author Julie Morgenstern teaches you how to get rid of the physical, mental, and time clutter that’s keeping you from the life you want.

Julie Morgenstern has made a career out of helping her clients get organized. But in the process, she discovered something surprising: for many of her clients, organizing isn’t enough. For those who are eager to make a change in their lives—a new job, a new relationship, a new stage in life—they need to get rid of the old before they can organize the new. They need to SHED their stuff before they can change their lives! So Julie created the SHED process—a four-step plan to get rid of the physical, mental, and schedule clutter that holds back so many of us. But SHEDing isn’t just about throwing things away! Julie teaches that its just as important to focus on what comes before and after you heave the clutter, so that the changes you make really stick in the long term. Learn about:

• Separating the treasures (figuring out what really matters)
• Heaving the rest (undertaking the tough work of eliminating excess)
• Embracing your true identity (figuring out who you really want to be)
• Driving yourself forward (achieving real change now that the past isn’t holding you back any longer)

Whether you’re facing a move, a promotion, an empty nest, a marriage, divorce, or retirement, SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life provides a practical, transformative plan for positively managing change in every aspect of your life.

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This book is a revelation of how to gain control back for your life! The daunting task of freeing oneself of STUFF that can completely immobilize your life is such an eye-opener. Not only do we learn to acknowledge that we DO have too much stuff, we learn how it all started (the collecting of stuff), the when and why. With that knowledge comes the freedom and comfort to set new goals for our lives that enables us to LET GO of what is no longer relevant to become who we are or who we want to be. This is a life changing, sanity restorer and marriage saver book. A must have for anyone who really wants to downsize and simplify their life. It is also the basis for becoming the free person you want to be by leaving the bogged down person you have become. Julie gives us an understanding of how to become clutter free and regain the management of our space, our minds, our time and in total our lives. A must read for anyone who is out of control by too much stuff! This clearly explained, well written book gives back the power to be all that we can be; all that we want to be, simply by understanding what SHED and heaving mean. 


What Is SHED?
Name Your Theme
Inventory Whats
Step 1
Finding Time Treasures
Finding Habit Treasures
Step 2
Heaving Time Attachments
Heaving Habit Attachments
Step 3
The Five Disciplines
Savor the Moment
Resources for Heaving


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Julie Morgenstern helps people and companies—like American Express, IKEA, The Miami Heat, Sony Music, Rubbermaid, and Time Warner—do more in less time. Morgenstern’s first book, Organizing From the Inside Out, was made into a PBS special. She is also the author of Time Management from the Inside Out, Organizing from the Inside Out for Teens (co-written with her daughter Jessi), and Never Check E-Mail in the Morning.

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