Sacramento City and County Directory

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H.S. Crocker & Company, 1868 - Sacramento (Calif.)

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Page 65 - Sacramento, or either of them, shall have the right to purchase the said bridge, at an appraised value, to be determined by five appraisers, two to be selected by the bridge company, two by the county or counties aforesaid, and one to be selected by the four appraisers herein...
Page 23 - ... 6. The number of Senators shall not be less than one-third nor more than one half the representative body, and at the first session of the General Assembly after this Constitution takes effect, the Senators shall be divided by lot, as equally as may be, into two classes ; the seats of the Senators of the first class shall be vacated at the expiration of the second year, so that...
Page 67 - Educational and Agricultural Newspapers of small size, issued less frequently than once a week, may be sent in packages, to one address, at the rate of one cent for each package not exceeding four ounces in weight, and an additional charge of one cent is made for each additional four ounces or fraction thereof, the postage to be paid quarterly or yearly in advance. Newsdealers may send newspapers and periodicals to regular subscribers at the quarterly rates, in the same manner as publishers, and...
Page 67 - Publications issued without disclosing the office of publication, иг containing a fictitious statement thereof, must not be forwarded by postmasters unless prepaid at the mailing office at the rates of transient printed matter.
Page 68 - ... so made up into a packet or packages. But nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to prohibit any person whatever from transporting, or causing to be transported, over any mail route, or any road or way parallel thereto, any books, magazines, or pamphlets, or newspapers, not marked, directed, or intended for immediate distribution to subscribers or others, but intended for sale as merchandise, and transported in the usual mode of transporting merchandise over the particular route...
Page 66 - General may, however, provide, by regulation, for transmitting unpaid and duly certified letters of soldiers, sailors, and marines in the service of the United States to their destination, to be paid on delivery.
Page 68 - Any word or communication, whether by printing, writing, marks or signs, upon the cover or wrapper of a newspaper, pamphlet, magazine or other printed matter, other than the name and address of the person to whom it is to be sent, subjects the package to letter postage ; and such postage should be, like all other letter postage, pre-paid, or the matter should not be mailed.
Page 52 - It was built for a theater, and was purchased by the city in 1852 for 200,000. San Francisco contained in 1860 twenty-six common schools, sustained entirely by the public funds; and during the year ending July 1, 1860, they had an average daily attendance of 2,830. The whole number of children in the city between the ages of four and eighteen years was 7,776. Of the twenty-six schools, one was a high school, another a school for pupils of African blood, one for Chinese children, and two evening schools,...
Page 67 - Postage per quarter (to be paid quarterly or yearly in advance) on newspapers and periodicals Issued less frequently than once a week, sent to actual subscribers in any part of the United States: semi-monthly, not over 4 oz., 6 cts.
Page 67 - Not exceeding 4 ounces in weight, sent to any part of the United States — Semi-monthly. 6 cts.; Monthly, 3 cts.; Quarterly, 1 ct. ¡ Exceeding 4 ounce» and not exceeding 8 ounces — Semi-monthly, 12 cts.; Monthly.

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