Sacred Stone and the Singing Bone

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Excessica Publishing, Mar 25, 2011 - Fiction
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In Sacred Stone and the Singing Bone, G.R. Richards weaves tales of humor, horror, and white-hot paranormal guy-on-guy sex. This mini-anthology consists of three works of fiction specifically assembled for readers who love a good horror story as much as they love sweaty male/male erotica. If you can’t get enough shudders, shocks, and shapeshifters, Sacred Stone and the Singing Bone is for you!

In Sacred Stone, Tuul is acting like a total asshole. Why do Alex Wood, Alex Knudson, and Bear hang out with him? Mostly, it's a matter of keeping friends close and enemies closer. The last straw comes when Tuul gets drunk in the cemetery and starts smashing monuments. The group can't possibly forgive his behavior. When the rock spirit living within a stone angel awakens from his slumber, Tuul and the gang discovers hard stone's incredible ability to uncover soft spots.

The Singing Bone is an erotic adaptation of a Grimm tale. When two brothers set out to capture a wild boar, the king is rooting for the younger of the pair. After all, the reward is his daughter’s hand in marriage, and Ardent is sweet and giving, while Mirrus has a reputation for being a vain prick. Before long, Ardent comes across Bruce the gentlemanly boar. They fall for each other and Ardent promises no harm will come to him. Mirrus has other ideas. As he prepares to slaughter the boar and claim his prized princess, Bruce discovers he has no problem sticking it to the prick...

The third story in our collection is The Wishing Wall. What is a Wishing Wall? Jesse soon finds out when he snaps up a tiny three-euro hotel room. In the small bed between two narrow walls, four hands arouse his naked body. When he opens his eyes, there's a marble man on either side of him! They are Nostou and Ven, two mystic masons whose souls live on in the wall, and they're ready to fulfill Jesse's every wish.

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