Sacrilege Farm

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D. Appleton, 1902 - 333 pages
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Page 345 - A very remarkable book, deserving of critical analysis impossible within our limit ; brilliant, but not superficial ; well considered, but not elaborated ; constructed with the proverbial art that conceals, but yet allows itself to be enjoyed by readers to whom fine literary method is a keen pleasure.'— The World. A CHANGE OF AIR. Fifth Edition. 'A graceful, vivacious comedy, true to human nature. The characters are traced with a masterly hand.
Page 345 - In elegance, delicacy, and tact it ranks with the best of his novels, while in the wide range of its portraiture and the subtilty of its analysis it surpasses all his earlier ventures. ' — Spectator. QUISANTE. Fourth Edition. > The book is notable for a very high literary quality, and an impress of power and mastery on every page.
Page 345 - The God in the Car' is just as clever, just as distinguished in style, just as full of wit, and of what nowadays some persons like better than wit — , allusiveness — as any of his stories. It is saturated with the modern atmosphere ; is not only a very clever but a very strong story ; in some respects, we think, the strongest Mr. Hope has yet written.
Page 340 - Amplifies and intensifies the picture of the sea which Mr. Bullen had already produced. . . . Calm, shipwreck, the surface and depths of the sea, the monsters of the deep, superstitions and tales of the sailors — all find a place in this strange and exciting book.
Page 341 - BONDMAN. $1.50. (New copyright edition, revised by the author.) "A story of Iceland and Icelanders at an early era. Our author throws a charm about the homes and people he describes which will win the interest and care of every reader. Their simple lives and legends, which shaped and directed them, take the reader clear away from the sensational and feverish and unhealthy romance and give the mind a rest
Page 29 - THE LORD hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee; 2 Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion; 3 Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifice; Selah.
Page 341 - Hall Caine has already given us some very strong and fine work, and 'The Deemster ' is a story of unusual power. . . . Certain passages and chapters have an intensely dramatic grasp, and hold the fascinated reader with a force rarely excited nowadays in literature.
Page 345 - It has literary merits all its own, of a deliberate and rather deep order. . . . In point of execution 'The Chronicles of Count Antonio 'is the best work that Mr. Hope has yet done. The design is clearer, the workmanship more elaborate, the style more colored.
Page 341 - Hall Caine has the art of being human and humane, and his characters have the strength of elemental things. In ' The Manxman ' he handles large human questions — the questions of lawful and lawless love."— New York Commercial Advertiser.
Page 340 - Chicago Times-Herald. The Cruise of the Cachalot, Round the World after Sperm Whales. Illustrated. I2mo. Cloth, $1.50. "It is immense — there is no other word. I've never read anything that equals it in its deep-sea wonder and mystery, nor do I think that any book before has so completely covered the whole business of whale fishing, and, at the same time, given such real and new sea pictures. I congratulate you most heartily. It's a new world you've opened the door to.

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