Safety Toolbox: Advanced Defenstive Strategies and Tactical Tools

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Billiard Gods Productions, 2011 - 182 pages
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Here is the story about this book.

During those early couple of decades when I got bitten by the Pool Passion Bug, the idea of winning the game by purposely dogging a shot or two was considered cowardly and the shooter was a yellow-bellied weakling, deserving of sneers and insults. Nowadays, a well-played safety is applauded by railbirds, and feared by those who can’t kick or jump the cue ball.

I watched many games where the sure-to-lose player, seemingly by accident, prevented the obvious-to-win player from winning. (Well, I was a little slow to learn some things, but eventually, I realized what was happening.) Defensive shooting skills are as important to winning as offensive shooting skills.

I started applying this radical idea of defensive shooting to my own game – and suddenly I was winning a lot more matches – even against better players. What an eye-opener this was. And yes, occasionally I get accused of cowardice. I don’t care – I won, they lost.

This book is the accumulation of over ten years of study and analysis of defensive and safety shooting options. The phrase, “Knowledge is Power” sums up the contents of this book and I want to pass on these hard-learned lessons to you. These are the advanced defensive strategies and tactical tools used by professionals and road players.
Just reading this material will improve your winning percentage by 10%.

Yes – you do need to practice the cue ball and object ball positioning skills in the book, but just knowing the how, when, and why to play the safety will make winning a more common experience in your life.

Basically, the contents of this book teach you how to trick and trap your opponent into helping you win. Winning is so much easier when you can identify your opponent’s weaknesses and use them against him. There is even ways to use your opponent’s strengths against him. (Who would have thought that?)

You will learn about basic safety types, how to analyze opponents, use simple tricks and traps to prevent your opponent from winning, and the necessary precision exercises (which will also help your offensive game). It will be more fun to win more games!!

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