Sagging: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Familiar Quotations SafeguardingI tell you, sir, the only safeguard of order and discipline in the modern world is a standardized worker with interchangeable parts. That would solve the entire problem of management.ndash;Jean GiraudouxEducation is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.ndash;Edward Everett HaleWe are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is, and the judiciary is the safeguard of our liberty and of our property under the Constitution.ndash;Charles HughesDon't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.ndash;Abraham LincolnNot education, but character, is man's greatest need and man's greatest safeguard.ndash;SpencerAn impersonal and scientific knowledge of the structure of our bodies is the surest safeguard against prurient curiosity and lascivious gloating.ndash;Marie Carmichael StopesSafeguarding ndash; CareIf particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.ndash;Abigail AdamsI don't care how much you know until I know how much you care.ndash;AnonymousTake care of your character, and your reputation will take care of itself.ndash;AnonymousIf I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself.ndash;Dwight Moody

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