Sailing Directions for the Great Lakes and Connecting Waters

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1896 - Pilot guides - 241 pages
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Page 28 - January 4, 1887, was to construct two breakwater piers on a line toward each other from the eastern and western points of the bay to be 1,000 and 900 feet long, respectively, leaving an opening of 1,340 feet between their extremities and inclosing an area of 109 acres.
Page 181 - It provides for two piers extending into the lake with a channel between them. The piers are. nearly parallel to each other, about 200 feet apart. The east pier is 850 feet long, and the west pier 873 feet. Between the piers the channel is about 180...
Page 166 - ... of 7,600 feet. The shore arm of the breakwater is intended to cover the opening between the south end of the main breakwater and the shore, leaving a passageway for vessels. All of the above-mentioned works have been constructed, except 800 feet of the main breakwater, and the shore arm, and 220 feet of the sand catch.
Page 26 - They stand opposite the greatest width of the lake and exposed to the greatest force of the heavy storms from the north. The effect of the waves upon them is not only seen in their irregular shape, but the sand derived from their disintegration is swept down the coast below and raised by the winds into long lines of sandy cliffs. At the place called the Grand Sable these are from one hundred to three hundred feet high, and the region around...
Page 234 - The methods and results of the survey of the west coast of Lower California, by the officers of the USS " Ranger,
Page 123 - ... main stream. The region has been enormously productive, especially of lumber and salt. The important cities of East and West Saginaw are built at the upper end of the river, and Bay City and smaller places farther down. The population and industries of the* valley are large and the commerce extensive. The river has a large volume and at times a strong current. Prior to improvement the entrance was obstructed by an extensive bar in Sagiuaw Bay about a mile from shore and a half a mile across between...
Page 233 - No. 3, list of lights of the west coast of Africa, and the Mediterranean Sea, including the Adriatic, the Black Sea, and the Sea of Azof, corrected to July 1, 1884, at the United States Hydrographic Office.
Page 8 - ... southern extremity. It has been utilized as a harbor entrance and the Government has built piers and otherwise expended considerable money to improve it. Something less than a mile inside this natural breakwater, where the lake shore lines converge to an opening of about 5 miles, occurs another split lying substantially parallel to it. Here again the opening is nearest the southern end. It furnishes an 'outlet for the St. Louis River. The north end is called Rices Point, the south end Conners...
Page 233 - East and West Coasts of North and South America (excepting the United States), including the West Indies and Pacific Islands ; No.
Page 158 - Cuyahoga River was obstructed by a long sand bar, the channel was crooked, and the depth of water over the bar was but about 3 feet. A plan of improvement was then adopted to straighten, and deepen the river at its mouth by means of piers on each side to confine and direct tlie channel over the bar.

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