Reports, Volume 4

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1868 - Medicine

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Page 91 - Whenever young persons die with symptoms of ingravescent apoplexy, and after death large effusion of blood is found, especially if the effusion be over the surface of the brain in the meshes of the pia mater, the presence of an aneurism is probable.
Page 215 - Londinensis" of 1809, a translation of which he published. He was for many years secretary to the Commissioners for regulating Madhouses, and from the documents which came before him in that capacity he deduced some valuable statistical results on the prevalence of insanity. Dr. Powell was the author of several papers in the "Medical Transactions...
Page 21 - Where a simple chronic enlargement of the prostate gland supervenes on stricture of the urethra, the latter usually becomes less liable to spasm, and is more easily dilated, and altogether more tractable than it was before.
Page 2 - Edinburgh, a Foreign Associate of the Institute of France, and a Member of the Batavian Society.
Page 201 - A large cavity is seen in the cartilage covering the condyle, about an inch in length and three-quarters of an inch in breadth.
Page 61 - She then added that coition had from the first been accompanied by pain, which instead of diminishing, as she expected, had increased, until she could not bear it ; and that her urine escaped from her involuntarily. She and her husband, who were reputed to be very worthy young people, and a most attached couple, were greatly distressed, as they well might be. I learnt then also that she had never menstruated. Her pudenda were perfectly natural. About three inches up the vagina there was a sudden...
Page 199 - Gout,' p. 33. shape, with one surface smooth and cartilaginous, and the other surface having a thin layer of bone adhering to it, being evidently a portion of the articular surface actually broken off from the head of the tibia. That such an accident should...
Page 62 - ... womb has a special and accumulating influence on the constitution; and that it is thus the organ which, by its own periodical discharge, affords that relief to the whole frame, of which it has itself created the necessity. It is the womb alone, and not the whole generative apparatus, or, indeed, any part of it. Looking at their personal appearance, their views, manners and habits, and their womanly, albeit their correct and estimable feeling toward the men they loved, I believe the subjects of...
Page 61 - ... by an irritable bladder. Micturition was frequent, scarcely to be restrained, and painful both at the time and afterwards. She had used a hipbath and opiate fomentations with partial relief. I was to ascertain if a urethral wart or a calculus
Page 61 - That is the answer to the nurse's question, "if so, what then?" CASE II.—About four years ago, a very delicate young woman, eel. twenty-five, evidently in declining health, came under my charge at the hospital. She told me she had been left an orphan, (I believe one at least of her parents had died of consumption), that she was delicate, and had not been able to retain her water like stronger girls; but that she had been brought up carefully; was now the mistress of a national school, and had married...

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