Saint Herbert's Isle: A Legendary Poem : in Five Cantos, with Some Smaller Pieces

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Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman, 1832 - Electronic book - 175 pages

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Page 117 - The water of Derwentwater is subject to violent agitations, and often without any apparent cause, as was the case this day; the weather was calm, yet the waves ran a great height, and the boat was tossed violently with what is called a 'bottom wind'.
Page 126 - ... England. The northern minstrels could derive no lessons from the bards who spoke the Celtic language, their earliest attempts at poetry were, therefore, formed on alliteration ; and as late as the time of Chaucer it was considered as the mark of a northern man to " affect their father's sufferings. They cut the figure of an eagle on his back, divided his ribs to tear out his lungs, and agonized his lacerated flesh by the addition of the saline stimulant.
Page 126 - When they got on shore they laboured with their hands, and made themselves a small hut to lodge in: they continued their religious way of living, and the country people...
Page 127 - Here, as Fame fays, when the cruel Danes came on Shore, the religious Lady (who, it feems, was very beautiful too !) cut off her Nofe, and upper Lip, and made all her Nuns do the fame, in order to preferve their Chaftity.
Page 115 - ... Isle), in the bond of spiritual love and friendship. For living a solitary life in the isle of that great and extended lake, from whence proceeds the river of Derwent, he used to visit St. Cuthbert every year, to receive from his lips the doctrine of eternal life. When this holy priest heard of St. Cuthbert's coming to Lugubalia, he came after his usual manner, desiring to be comforted more and more, with the hope of everlasting blisse, by his divine exhortations. As they sate together, and enjoyed...
Page 116 - The truth of which promise and prophecy was well proved in that which ensued ; for their separation was the last that befel them on earth ; on the same day, which was the 19th day of March, their souls departed from their bodies, and were straight in union in the beatific sight and •vision; and were transported hence to the kingdom of heaven, by the service and hands of angels.
Page 115 - ... they might depart hence into heaven together, to behold His grace and glory, whom they had in unity of spirit served on earth. ' For you know I have ever studied and laboured to live according to your pious and virtuous instructions ; and in whatsoever I offended or omitted, through ignorance and frailty, I straightway used my earnest efforts to amend after your ghostly counsel, will, and judgment.' At this earnest and affectionate request of Herberte's, the bishop went to prayer, and presently...
Page 115 - Herbertes, the bishop went to prayer, and presently being certified in spirit that his petition to heaven would be granted, — 'Arise,' said he, 'my dear brother, weep not, but let your rejoicing be with exceeding gladness, for the great mercy of God hath granted unto us our prayer.
Page 115 - As they sate together, and enjoyed the hopes of heaven, among other things the l>ishop said, ' Remember, brother Herberte, that whatsoever ye have to say and ask of me, you do it now, for after we depart hence, we shall not meet again, and see one another corporally in this world; for I know well the time of my dissolution is at hand, and the laying aside of this earthly tabernacle draweth on apace.
Page 126 - Boat dafhed in Pieces. When they got afhore, they laboured with,, their Hands, and made themfelves a little Hut to lodge in ; they continued their religious Way of Living, and the Country- people...

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