Sales and Operations Planning Standard System: With Reference Software

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 137 pages

The Sales and Operations Planning Standard System covers S&OP and closely related topics like rough-cut planning, performance measurements, and financial integration. It explains the core functionality that must be present in S&OP software to truly call it S&OP.

The functions described in the S&OP Standard System include those required to support communication and decision-making focused on volume related manufacturing and supply chain issues. The Sales and Operations Planning Standard System describes a simple set of software functions, primarily those in the areas of aggregate sales planning, aggregate supply planning, aggregate inventory or backlog planning, reporting and display of key performance and planning information, rough-cut (capacity and material) planning, and financial planning. It describes the activities that are part of a working sales and operations planning process, as well as an explanation of the assumptions and the experience that led to these functions. In addition it describes some of the key interfaces that must exist with other essential company functions. For example, the S&OP Standard System describes the interfaces to resource planning functions like master production scheduling and sales planning, and the interfaces to lean manufacturing functions like takt time calculations.

The book is organized into the following chapters:

• The S&OP Process
• S&OP Basics Including Calculations and Reporting
• Additional Reporting Considerations
• Additional Issues – Managing Change, Validation, and Linking
• Rough-Cut Planning
• Feeding Financial Analysis
• Measures of Performance
• Graphical Displays of S&OP Data
• Functional Checklists
• Reference Software

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