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Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 1880 - Great Britain - 287 pages

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1880/287p./Inner Annexe M

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Page 26 - Now, as he preached in the aforesaid province, it happened that the king himself, having been catechised, was baptized together with his people, and Oswald, the most holy and victorious king of the Northumbrians, being present, received him as he came forth from baptism, and by an alliance most pleasing and acceptable to God, first adopted him, thus regenerated, for his son, and then took his daughter in marriage.
Page 201 - Neither too mean, nor yet too gay, Shows who is best : Outlandish looks may not compare ; For all they either painted are, Or else undrest.
Page 172 - If any learned man of all our adversaries, or if all the learned men that be alive, be able to bring any one sufficient sentence out of any old Catholic Doctor, or Father, or out of any old general Council, or out of the holy Scriptures of GOD, or any one example of the primitive Church...
Page 201 - She wholly goes on th' other side, And nothing wears. But, dearest Mother (what those miss), The mean thy praise and glory is, And long may be. Blessed be God, whose love it was To double-moat thee with his grace, And none but thee.
Page 202 - Herbert in wit and accurate composure; but as Seneca takes with me above all his contemporaries, because he speaketh things by words, feelingly and seriously, like a man that is past jest; so Herbert speaks to God like one that really believeth a God, and whose business in the world is most with God. Heart-work and Heaven-work make up his books...
Page 208 - January, 1641, into every county " for the defacing, demolishing, and quite taking away of all images, altars, or tables turned altarwise, crucifixes, superstitious pictures, monuments, and reliques of idolatry out of all churches and chapels.
Page 79 - For there he erected extensive edifices, at vast cost, and with surpassing beauty; the courses of stone being so correctly laid that the joint deceives the eye, and leads it to imagine that the whole wall is composed of a single block.
Page 232 - For now I must tell you, that perhaps you may not see my face, or hear my voice, any more in this place : yet not out of any peevish humour, or disaffection to the present authority of the kingdom (I call God and man to witness this day) it being my own practice, and counsel to you all, to fear God and honour the king ; but rather, a real dissatisfaction in some particulars imposed, to which (notwithstanding all endeavours to that purpose) my conscience cannot yet be espoused.

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