Sallust's Jugurtha and Catiline: With Notes and a Vocabulary

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D. Appleton & Company, 1872 - 397 pagine

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Pagina 395 - Works of Horace. With English Notes, for the use of Schools and Colleges. By JI LINCOLN, Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in Brown University.
Pagina 395 - There are already several American editions of Horace, intended for the use of schools; of one of these, which has passed through many editions, and has also been widely circulated in England, mention has been formerly made in this journal; but that one we may not put upon an equality with the one now before us, inasmuch as this has taken a different stand-point, which may serve as a sign of progress in this depwtment of study.
Pagina 396 - Michigan. (Recently published.) 12mo. 598 pages. The type is unusually large and distinct. The work contains eighty-five engravings, which delineate the usages, customs, weapons, arts, and mythology of the ancients, with a vividness that can be attained only by pictorial illustrations. GREEK TEXT-BOOKS. A First Greek Book* and Introductory Header. By A. HARKNEBS, Ph.D., author of "Arnold's First Latin Book.
Pagina 395 - ... we may not put upon an equality with the one now before us, inasmuch as this has taken a different stand-point, which may serve as a sign of progress in this department of study. The editor has, it is true, also intended his work for the use of schools...
Pagina 395 - Notes are copious and tersely expressed; they display not only fine scholarship, but (what is quite as necessary In such a book) a practical knowledge of the difficulties which the student encounters in reading this author, and the aids that he requires.
Pagina 97 - Igitur primo pecuniae, deinde imperi cupido crevit; ea quasi materies omnium malorum fuere. Namque avaritia fidem, probitatem ceterasque artis bonas subvortit; pro his superbiam, crudelitatem, deos neglegere, omnia venalia habere edocuit. Ambitio multos mortalis falsos fieri subegit, aliud clausum in pectore, aliud in lingua promptum habere, amicitias inimicitiasque non ex re, sed ex commodo aestumare, magisque voltum quam ingenium bonum habere.
Pagina 396 - Freize, are all that need be desired ; while the learned and judicious notes appended, are very valuable Indeed.
Pagina 347 - In ancient times, the sacred plough employed The kings and awful fathers of mankind : And some, with whom compared your insect tribes Are but the beings of a summer's day...
Pagina 127 - Tempus, dies, fortuna, cujus lubido gentibus moderatur. Illis merito accidet, quidquid evenerit : ceterum vos, Patres conscripti, quid in alios statuatis, considerate. Omnia mala exempla ex bonis orta sunt ; sed, ubi imperium ad ignaros, aut minus bonos pervenit, novum illud exemplum ab dignis et idoneis ad indignos et non idoneos transfertur. Lacedaemonii devictis Atheniensibus triginta viros imposuere, qui rempublicam eorum tractarent. Hi primo coepere pessimum quemque et omnibus invisum indemnatum...
Pagina 395 - The editors have spent a vast amount of time and labor in correcting the text, by a comparison of the most improved German and English editions. It is believed that this will be found superior to any edition hitherto published in this country. In accordance with their chronological order, the "Jugurtha

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