Salopian Shreds and Patches, Volume 9

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Page 18 - A Short Narrative Of the Discovery of a College of Jesuits, At a Place called the Come, In the County of Hereford : Which was sent up unto the Right Honorable, The Lords Assembled in Parliament, at the End of the last Sessions...
Page 153 - If I were a cobbler, it would be my pride The best of all cobblers to be; If I were a tinker, no tinker beside Should mend an old kettle like me.
Page 227 - The lowness of the present state, That sets the past in this relief? Or that the past will always win A glory from its being far; And orb into the perfect star We saw not, when we moved therein?
Page 12 - Let the Wealthy and Great Roll in Splendor and State, I envy them not, I declare it ; I eat my own Lamb, My own Chickens and Ham, I shear my own Fleece and I wear it. I have Lawns, I have Bowers, I have Fruits, I have Flowers ; The Lark is my morning alarmer — So Jolly Boys, now — Here's God Speed the Plough, Long Life and Success to the Farmer.
Page 55 - Lie-a-bed's opportunities of making acquaintance had been rather limited, and she could not resolve the difficulty. Stumpy (a man with a wooden leg), Cowskin, Spindleshanks, Cockeye, and Pigtail were severally invoked, but in vain ; and the querist fell into a brown study, in which she remained for some time. At length, however, her eyes suddenly brightened, and slapping one of her companions on the shoulder, she exclaimed triumphantly, "Dash my wig! whoy he means moy fey ther!" and then turning...
Page 50 - OF THE HAPPY WARRIOR WHO is the happy Warrior ? Who is he That every man in arms should wish to be ? — It is the generous Spirit, who, when brought Among -the tasks of real life, hath wrought Upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought...
Page x - Subscribers' names and payments received by the Editor, 26, Meridian Place, Clifton, Bristol. The publication supplied direct by him ; or through any bookseller, by Messrs. WILLIAM KENT & CO., 23, Paternoster Row, London, EC *•#" Vol. I., being out of print, can be supplied only as copies turn up for sale, and then only to purchasers of the second volume.
Page 55 - ... whose real name was entered in the instrument with legal accuracy. The clerk, after a great deal of inquiry as to the whereabouts of the party, was about to abandon the search as hopeless, when a young woman, who had witnessed his labours, kindly volunteered to assist him. " Oy say, Bullyed," cried she, to the first person they met, "does thee know a mon neamed Adam Green?
Page 35 - A very extraordinary meeting truly ! I was told by Mr. Farmer, the present master of Emanuel College, that he, being in London last year [1774] with Mr. Arnold, tutor in St. John's College, was desired to introduce the latter, who had been bred a Whig, to the acquaintance of the very learned and sensible Dr. Samuel Johnson. They had not been long together, before (the conversation leading to it) the Doctor, addressing himself to Mr. Arnold, said, " Sir ! you are a young man, but I have seen a great...
Page 250 - that my sight might be healed !' Then he bade her come with him, and led her outside the town, till they stood beside the Boiling Well. And the old man blessed the well, and bade it have power to heal all manner of wounds and sores, to be a boon and a blessing to Ludlow as long as the sun shines and water runs. Then he went...

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