Sam Lovel's Camps. Uncle Lisha's Friends Under Bark and Canvas. A Sequel to Uncle Lisha's Shop

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Forest and Stream Publishing Company, 1889 - Sports - 253 pages

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Page 4 - dums" or "darns" persons or things, he is not to be understood as cursing them; church members in good standing do so without scandal as they mildly swear "by gosh" and "by gum" and "swan," "swow," "snum," "snore" and "vum." The Canadian who learns English of the Yankee often outdoes his teacher in that twisting of the vowels which, no doubt brought over in the Mayflower, became so marked a characteristic of New England speech. Some words are very difficult for him to master, but finally he gets...
Page 66 - fraid for go, but bamby he go. He touch hoi' of it, he can' pull it cause hees tail tie, but he ant know. ' Bah gosh ! ' he say, ' dat panters more heavy as two ton ! Ah can' pull it ! ' Den Ah'll go 'raoun' an' taked off dat steek, an' holla ' pull ! ' an' ma brudder-law pull more harder he can — boom ! he go tumbly on hees back, dat panters on top of it ! Oh ! 'f he ant scare, ma brudder-law. Yas seh ! Wai, seh, boy," after a pause during which no one spoke, " 'f you ant mek b'lieve dat stories...

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