Sammlung englischer Denkmäler in kritischen Ausgaben, Volumes 1-2

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Weidmann, 1880

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Page 135 - ... they labour both especially for this one thing, that the one might ascend and be above the other, now, if the hawk getteth the upper place, he overthroweth and vanquisheth the heron with a marvellous earnest flight...
Page 28 - Tradition further relates, that a shepherd was once conducted into the interior recesses of Eildon Hills, by a venerable personage, whom he discovered to be the famous Rymour, and who showed him an immense number of steeds, in their caparisons, and, at the bridle of each, a knight sleeping, in sable armour, with a sword and bugle-horn at his side. These, he was told, were the host of king Arthur, waiting till the appointed return of that monarch from Fairyland.
Page 82 - On every syde he lokyde abowete, He sau he myght no whare fle, Sche woxe so grym and so stowte, The dewyll...
Page 83 - Thomas, this is no nede, For fende of hell am I none, For the now am I [in] grete desese, And suffre paynis many one.
Page 85 - Thi saule gose to the fyre of helle ; It comes neuer owte or Domesdaye, Bot ther in payne ay for to duelle. " Thomas, sothely, I the hyghte, Come lygge thyn hede down on my knee, MO And ' thou ' sail se the fayreste syghte, That euer sawe man of thi contree.
Page 84 - Scho lede hym intill a faire herbere, •Whare frwte was growand gret plentee; Pere and appill bothe ryppe...
Page 88 - For sothe and I had not been so, Sertayne sothe I shall the tell, Me had been as good to goo To the brynnyng fyre of hell.
Page 124 - Harley 559 (h). Prophetia. fol. 31. Owte of pe weste shall come 8 persones, which shall bringe mare then inowe. theye shall bringe with them a bull with a beard, a bere with a chayne, with them shall come a nutcroppes, a shepe with anker gilt, a graye wolfe with a childe in his mowthe, a redd lyon rampinge, a dreadfull dragon, a whyte brydelyd horse with a yelowe lion helmyd and a whyte hare. the which whyte hare shall take the redd foxe bye bothe pe yeares and drive hyme to pe castell of care.
Page 88 - Lady, wele is me That ever I baide this day ; Nowe ye bene so fayre and whyte, By-fore ye war so blake and gray ! I pray you that ye wyll me say, Lady, yf thy wyll be, Why ye war so blake and gray, Ye said it was because of me.
Page 127 - Marie dayes : 558 when pe dayes waxe longe, 559 then they shall meete and baners rayse 5e0 with glaves both stiffe and stronge on Gladsmore, at which battell shalbe pe kinge of Spayne, pe kinge of Denmarke and pe kinge of Navarre or Norwaye. ther pe nobles -of Englande shall meete with ther enemies 546 and fight from morne to even, and noe man shall knowe, who shall have pe 548 victorie.

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