Samuel, Kings and Chronicles: A Harmony of Histories

Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 486 sidor
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There are many different questions that surface when one studies the histories of the monarchial era presented in the Hebrew Scriptures. One may focus on archeology, textual criticism, higher criticism, literary criticism and biblical theology just to name a few. This book provides a valuable tool for those whose academic pursuits rely upon a comparison of the biblical versions of this era as offered in the accounts of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. When both similarities and differences are properly noticed, one can begin to formulate visions and theories of the texts'; socio-religious context and intent -- offered through unique themes and literary techniques dispersed throughout these histories. Samuel, Kings and Chronicles: A Harmony of Histories provides a reader with all three texts in their complete and unaltered forms while associating the other texts in Samuel, Kings and Chronicles in a parallel column. As such, this book offers a structure that preserves the narrative flow of each book, a construction useful for comparing sequence, themes and content.

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