San Kuo: Or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, כרך 1

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עמוד 6 - We three, Liu Pei, Kuan Yii and Chang Fei, though of different families, swear brotherhood, and promise mutual help to one end. We will rescue each other in difficulty, we will aid each other in danger. We swear to serve the state and save the people. We ask not the same day- of birth but we seek to die together. May Heaven, the all-ruling, and Earth, the all-producing, read our hearts, and if we turn aside from righteousness or forget kindliness may Heaven and man smite us!
עמוד 173 - I know Lii Pu quite well," said Ts'ao. "He is a wolf with a savage heart, and it will be hard to feed him for long. If it had not been for you and your father I should not have known all the circumstances and you must help me to get rid of him.
עמוד 3 - And they began to prepare. Many yellow flags were made and a day was chosen to strike the first blow. Then they wrote letters to the chief eunuch, Feng Hsu, and sent them by a follower, who alas ! betrayed their trust and discovered the plot. The Emperor summoned his trusty General Ho Chin and bade him look to it. Ma Yuan-i was at once taken and put to death. Feng Hsu and many others were cast into prison. The plot having thus become known the Changs were forced at once to take the field. They assumed...
עמוד 42 - 'As I thought,' said Ts'ao Ts'ao. 'Now unless we strike first we shall be taken.' "Immediately they dashed in and slew the whole household, male and female; in all eight persons. After this they searched the house; in the kitchen they found a pig bound ready to kill. " 'You have made a huge mistake,' said Ch'en Kung, 'and we have slain honest folk.
עמוד 42 - Do riot despise me. I am no mere hireling, only I have not yet found the lord to serve." Said Ts'ao Ts'ao, "My ancestors enjoyed the bounty of the Hans and should I differ from a bird or a beast if I did not desire to repay them with gratitude? I have bowed the knee to Tung Cho that thereby I might find an opportunity against him, and so remove this evil from the State. I have failed for this time. Such is the will of heaven." "And where are you going?" "Home to my village. Thence I shall issue a...
עמוד 71 - ... sad news to Sun Ts'e. While he was seeking a way out he came across Lii Kung. He at once put his horse at full speed and engaged him. After a few bouts Lii went down under a spear thrust. The battle became general and continued till daylight broke, when each drew off his army. Liu Piao withdrew intq the city and when Sun Ts'e returned to the river he heard that his father had perished in the fight, and his body had been carried within the enemy's walls. He uttered a great cry and the army joined...
עמוד 5 - The sight of the notice saddened him and he sighed as he read it. Suddenly a rasping voice behind him cried, "Noble Sir, why sigh if you do nothing to help your country...
עמוד 5 - This was happy news for Yiian-te and the two betook themselves to the village inn to talk over the project. As they were drinking, a huge, tall fellow appeared pushing a hand-cart along the road. At the threshold he halted and entered the inn to rest awhile and he called for wine. "And be quick," added he "for I am in haste to get into the town and offer myself for the army.
עמוד 234 - The forces of four prefectures are moving out simultaneously. When this call reaches Chingchou you will see their forces co-operate with those of Chang Hsiu. All districts and departments ought to organise volunteers and set them along their borders to demonstrate their force and prove their loyal support of the Dynasty. Will not this be rendering extraordinary service? "The rank of Marquis, with feudal rights over five thousand households and a money reward of fifty millions, will be the reward...

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