Sanitary and statistical report of the Surgeon-General of the Navy, Volume 5

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1881
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Page 104 - the superintendent, as my last official utterance, before leaving this institution, with which I have been so long and so pleasantly associated, the fact, of the truth of which five years' experience as health officer of this station has satisfied me, that beyond all other things the future health and usefulness of the lads educated at
Page 104 - been sustained not only by all my colleagues, but by all other sanitarians in military and civil life* whose views I have been able to learn, while I know it to be the belief of the officer who is to succeed me in the charge of this department,! and who was one of the board of
Page 105 - of these from the age of seven. The defective muscular co-ordination occasioned by this drug is remarkably illustrated by the fact, which I learn from Professor Oliver, head of the department of drawing, that he can invariably recognize the user of tobacco by his tremulous hand in manipulating the pencil, and by his "absolute inability
Page 107 - innocuous only because of the remarkable tolerance exhibited by a few individuals, and is actually capable of such potent evil; which, through its sedative effect upon the circulation, creates a thirst for alcoholic stimulation; which, by its depressing and disturbing
Page 17 - found, and it must be recognized as a fact that perfect health and bodily vigor and the development peculiar to the type and treatment of the individual are not inconsistent with
Page 104 - instructor. Unquestionably, the most important matter in the health history of the students at this academy is that relating to the use of tobacco, and I have urged
Page 106 - I am quite sure that excessive smokers, if very young, never acquire, and, if older, rapidly lose their normal virile powers.
Page 105 - I have, myself, several times rejected candidates for admission into the Academy, on account of defective vision, who confessed to the premature use of
Page 15 - long trunk and comparatively short lower extremities, possess greater power to endure with impunity great labor and exposure to vicissitudes of all kinds than men who have
Page 104 - the year 1880 : The board have learned with surprise and regret that the cadets are permitted the use of tobacco. The regulations of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis

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