Sanitary Suggestions; Or, The Householder's Vade Mecum

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Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1885 - 100 pages
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Page 18 - ... and every pipe in such building for carrying off waste water to be taken through an external wall of such building, and to discharge in the open air over a channel leading to a trapped gully grating at least eighteen inches distant.
Page 18 - ... inches distant. He shall, as regards the mode of construction of the waste pipe from any slop sink constructed or adapted to be used for receiving within such building any solid or liquid filth, comply in all respects with such of the provisions of this byelaw as are applicable to the soil pipe from a watercloset. With respect to waterclosets, earthclosets, privies, ashpits, and cesspools in connexion with buildings.
Page 100 - Trap, so that everything about the Closet can be easily kept clean. MADE IN FINE EARTHENWARE, PLAIN OR DECORATED, AND IN STRONG FIRECLAY. The flushing arrangements are so perfect that, with a flush of two gallons of water, it is guaranteed that all the soil and paper will be completely removed from the Basin and through the Trap, the whole of the inside being thoroughly washed, and with the aid u( the Patent " After Flush " Chamber, the full quantity of water required to receive the soil is left...
Page 10 - ... in such a manner as to form in such drains any right-angled junction, either vertical or horizontal. He shall cause every branch drain or tributary drain to join another drain obliquely in the direction of the flow of such drain.
Page 14 - ... a safe outlet for sewer air. He shall so construct such soil pipe that there shall not be any trap between such soil pipe and the drains, or any trap (other than such as may necessarily form part of the apparatus of any watercloset) in any part of such soil pipe.
Page 25 - Such opening shall also in every case be situated on that side of the trap which is the nearer to the building.
Page 25 - ... pipe shall be in accordance with the requirements applicable to the pipe or shaft to be carried up from the drains, may be deemed to provide the necessary opening for ventilation which would otherwise be obtained by means of such last-mentioned pipe or shaft.
Page 25 - In every case where the foregoing arrangement of the openings to the drains may be impracticable, there shall be substituted the arrangement hereinafter prescribed. One opening shall be obtained by carrying up from a point, as near as may be practicable to the trap, which, in pursuance of the...
Page 25 - ... a pipe or shaft, vertically, to such a height and in such a manner as effectually to prevent any escape of foul air from such pipe or shaft into any building in the vicinity thereof, and in no case to a less height than ten feet.
Page 100 - NATIONAL" SIDE OUTLET CLOSET. With Improved Flush (registered). ADVANTAGES :— Simplicity, Cleanliness, Efficiency, Cheapness. Forming in itself a COMPLETE WATER CLOSET BASIN and TRAP, it has no complicated metal working parts to FOUL or get OUT OF ORDER, hence its SIMPLICITY and CLEANLINESS are apparent. Its EFFICIENCY is proved by the fact that the DEMAND is continually INCREASING ; and while thousands are being sold annually, wherever properly fixed they have given the most complete SATISFACTION....

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