Santa Teresa: Being Some Account of Her Life and Times : Together with Some Pages from the History of the Last Great Reform in the Religious Orders

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Eveleigh Nash, 1907 - Christian saints - 792 pages

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Page 153 - love, whereas before I had none, and I found myself rich being poor, I could not believe it, even if I wished to. And these jewels I could show them ; for all who knew me saw clearly that my soul was changed ; and
Page 137 - the understanding much more clearly than if they were so heard,—and in spite of all resistance it is impossible to fail to understand them." She is careful to distinguish between the illusory voice, caused by an evil spirit, and that which we ourselves forge; in the latter case the soul becoming both agent and
Page 136 - help me to please him in everything, I began the hymn, and whilst I was saying it, I was seized with a rapture so sudden that it almost carried me beside myself, and of this I could not doubt, for it was very palpable.
Page 556 - quoniam ex ipso et per ipsum et in ipso sunt omnia. Ipsi gloria in sxcula
Page 148 - have said, the Lord made to me were very constant), this happened. Being in prayer on the Festival of the glorious St. Peter, I saw close to me, or rather felt—for I saw nothing either with the eyes of the body or the
Page 151 - moment things which the imagination would take long to put together are unfolded to us, for it goes beyond all we can understand here below. So does that Beauty and Majesty remain stamped on the soul that nothing can drive it from her memory, except when the Lord wills that she should suffer
Page 122 - her most, and the oratory blotted out what the grating wrote, and at times the grating vanquished and diminished the good fruit produced by prayer, causing agony and grief, which disquieted and perplexed her soul : for although she was resolved to belong entirely
Page 414 - Being once upon a time in prayer, it was represented to me like a flash, although I saw nothing formed, still it was a representation with all clearness, how all things are seen in God, and how all are contained in him.
Page 125 - wood-carver are full of a strange dignity and pathos that imposes powerfully on the imagination. As I gazed on it my whole being was stirred to see him in such a state, for all he went through was well set forth. Such was the sorrow I felt for having repaid those wounds so ill, that my heart seemed rent in twain ; and

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