Santa Teresa: Being Some Account of Her Life and Times : Together with Some Pages from the History of the Last Great Reform in the Religious Orders

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Eveleigh Nash, 1907 - Saints - 792 pages

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Page 46 - I'll call myself ! — She will not dare ! — 0 when Did my Virginia dare — Virginia ! Is it a voice, or nothing answers me ? I hear a sound so fine — there's nothing lives 'Twixt it and silence.
Page 75 - ... presence very cheaply. Then I fervently longed to die like them, not out of any conscious love for Him, but in order to attain as quickly as they had those joys which, as I read, are laid up in Heaven. I used to discuss with my brother ways and means of becoming martyrs, and we agreed to go together to the land of the Moors, begging our way for the love of God, so that we might be beheaded there. I believe that our Lord had given us courage enough even at that tender age, if only we could have...
Page 404 - ... shall govern you, for though I have thus far lived among and governed nuns who are Discalced, I know well, through the Lord's goodness, the way to govern those who are not. My desire is that we should all serve the Lord in quietness and do the little which our Rule and Constitutions command us for the love of that Lord to Whom we owe so much.
Page 125 - I was reading, there would come to me unexpectedly such a feeling of the presence of God as made it impossible for me to doubt that He was within me, or that I was totally engulfed in Him.
Page 124 - When I began to read the Confessions, I thought I saw myself there described, and began to recommend myself greatly to this glorious Saint. When I came to his conversion, and read how he heard that voice in the garden, it seemed to me nothing less than that our Lord had uttered it for me: I felt so in my heart. I remained for some time lost in tears, in great inward affliction and distress.
Page 186 - ... garden is watered is by the running stream. Here the Master comes himself and does the gardening whilst the Soul stands by: The will consents to the favors it enjoys and must resign itself to all that Divine Wisdom desires for it; and for this courage is needed. All effort of the understanding ceases. "It is a sleep of the faculties, which are not entirely suspended, nor yet do they understand how they work. The delight, sweetness and joy are incomparably greater than in the last state; it is...
Page 552 - Quoniam ex ipso, et per ipsum, et in ipso sunt omnia. Ipsi gloria in saecula. Amen.
Page 556 - ... lo cantan. Ahora se me acuerda uno que hice una vez, estando con harta oración, y parecía que descansaba más. Eran...
Page 204 - Life, she did not hesitate to describe the conventual life as she had known it as " a short cut to hell." Rather let fathers marry their daughters basely than allow them to face the dangers of ten worlds rolled into one, where youth, sensuality, and the Devil invite and incline them to follow things worldly of—the worldly.
Page 151 - God, was told that her experience was a delusion, she replied: "If they who said this told me that a person who had just finished speaking to me, whom I knew well, was not that person, but they knew that I fancied it, doubtless I should believe them, rather than what I had seen; but if this person left behind him some jewels as pledges of his great love, and I found myself rich having been poor, I could not believe it if I wished.

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