Sarchedon: A Legend of the Great Queen

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Rand, McNally, 1899 - English fiction - 435 pages

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Page 4 - ... magnificence, the world could furnish but one attraction — the insatiable craving of ambition — to lull which he must rule supreme; therefore he trained himself, night and day, with the weapons of victory, seeking diligently that knowledge which constitutes power. The act of worship is amongst all creation indigenous and peculiar to man. As he alone stands erect and raises his front without effort towards heaven, so he bends the knee in reasoning adoration, neither cowering down with his...
Page 151 - Work, my brother, rest is nigh — Pharaoh lives for ever ! Beast and bird of earth and sky, Things that creep and things that fly — All must labour, all must die ; But Pharaoh lives for ever...
Page 102 - I believe it," she murmured gently. "Such an affection as ours is written in the stars, and kindles into flame at the first meeting of those who are destined for each other. It seems but yesterday that my lord burst on my sight like Shamash, god of day, rising in splendour on the camp, and I turned my head away to bury my blushing face in my hands, because — because, already I loved him only too well.
Page 151 - Rivers waste and wane away, Marble crumbles down like clay. Nations dwindle to decay ; But Pharaoh lives for ever ! Work — it is thy mortal doom — Pharaoh lives for ever ! Shadows passing through the gloom, Age to age gives place and room.
Page 18 - He took courage to scan the form and features of that celebrated woman, whose intellect and beauty had already made her mistress of the mightiest nation in the East. She was beautiful no doubt, in the nameless beauty that wins, no less than in the lofty beauty that compels. Her form was matchless in symmetry, so that her every gesture, in the saddle or on the throne, was womanly, dignified, and graceful, while each dress she wore, from royal robe and jewelled tiara to steel breastplate and golden...
Page 41 - There was a warrior in the porch even now,' replied Kalmim ; * a goodly young warrior with dark flowing locks, and a chin nearly as smooth, Beladon, as your own. What have you done with him ? He bore hither the Great King's signet, and if he has come by harm, not all the gods of all your temples will shield you from the fair face that never looked on man in anger but he was consumed.
Page 63 - ... shade paler, and for one moment a shudder seemed to creep from her brow even to her feet. The next she stood forth to mark her lord's approach, erect and beautiful, the stateliest queen, as she was the fairest woman, in the world. Immediately in rear of the royal standard passed on the war chariot of the Great King, containing his charioteer and shield-bearer. Sargon's lowering brow was black as night, and to the vociferous greetings of his countrymen he returned but a silent scowl. In the brief...
Page 63 - ... his chariot — an empty chariot, too; and look how few in number and scant in metal are the molten gods that go before him to battle. He comes. I say again, Caution, Great Queen! caution! and for a space forbear!" Pointing his warning with an expressive glance towards Sarchedon, Assarac bowed reverently and withdrew. Semiramis turned a shade paler, and for one moment a shudder seemed to creep from, her brow even to her feet. The next she stood forth to mark her lord's approach, erect and beautiful,...

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