Sardan - Band I - Discordia

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2005 - 447 pages
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Discordia, an academic old-boy-group, decides to study 17. century french history and some of their enigimes such as la masque de fer, affairs du poissons etc. That soon prooves to be quite a dangerous matter. As Discordia digs deeper, they detect unknown underworld locations, an alliance between the beggars and a secret nobility society, fihting fiercely against all types of betrayers, socalled voleurs, who ' worst of all - don't possess and respect any king, now-a-days conducted against company and state managers of all types and manners.Discordia is considered to be their fifth collumn. But the medal-society itself is undermindes, too. Whole story is presented under the format Sardan, but either volume has a specific title, too. The first volume's title is Discordia. Right from its start Discordia has to deal with a considerable suicide death toll. The last one seems to be a judicial murder, the moving death-struggle of a protestant Jesus Christ.

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