Sasquatch Returns

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iUniverse, Nov 15, 2006 - Fiction
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Luke Ambrose only wanted to enjoy his snowmobile trip to an old abandoned mining community of Park City. He was not prepared to deal with an encounter with two Sasquatches. A friend injures one of the Sasquatches, and they collect blood and hair samples obtained from the injured Sasquatch. The Sasquatches hide in an abandoned mine, and they cannot be found. After returning to the Town of Nespelem, Luke Ambrose and his friends have dinner at a cafe where they meet Tom Cameron. Luke Ambrose and his friends have dinner at cafe where they meet Tom Cameron. Ambrose's friends give the blood and hair samples to Tom Cameron, who has the samples tested by a DNA testing agency. The testing confirms the samples came from a Sasquatch. Tom Cameron's rich friend, Bud Racine, launches a hunting expedition for the Sasquatches at Park City. The Council of Elders finds out about the hunting expedition, and the Elders summons Nature to protect the Sasquatches. The Sasquatches are protected by Nature in an earth shaking battle between the human hunters and Nature's creatures.

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