Saturday Or Sunday: Which Is the Sabbath?

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Author Solutions, May 4, 2009 - Religion - 160 pages
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The "Saturday or Sunday" question has been one of Christendom's most contested issues, sparking great controversy and terrible violence through the centuries. Theologians and ministers of every background have offered their opinion regarding the Christian Sabbath, with the assumption that traditional, orthodox Christianity is the place to begin the discussion.
This book clearly explains which day should be observed-straight from the pages of the Bible!-breaking through every false assumption: the premise that the weekly cycle has been lost; that the Sabbath command is only part of the law of Moses; that the Catholic Church has authority to "change times"; that Sunday is the "Lord's Day"; and that keeping the Sabbath is a burden.
After proving the Sabbath's validity, there still remains a host of related questions pertaining to how to correctly observe the seventh day. Since it is God who established the Sabbath, we must look in His Word for guidelines revealing how to keep it in a way pleasing to Him.
Also, you will learn the simple-to-understand-and easily verifiable-explanation of the "mark of the beast," and how it relates to the day you choose to worship the Creator God.
"Saturday or Sunday - Which is the Sabbath?" is the strongest book ever written proving which day is the true Sabbath, why and how we must keep it today, and how it is directly connected to the very purpose of your existence!

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