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This was very helpful. Thank you!

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Mr. James Webb visited our site, WELCOME!!!
Mr. James Thomas Webb is in denial about who he is and what he does. He does not understand or recognize why anyone should feel upset they have been
robbed while he continues to push a failing model. He does not understand simple rehab is accomplished every day, but not by Bentley driving thieves but by regular people that work hard and know how to swing a hammer. Mr. James Thomas Webb spends more time negotiating luxury car leases than WAHMing any communities. Please understand Mr. Webb, you have no success to point to other than thievery, you are an accomplished con artist. Congratulations.
He does not employ anyone, he can't show you any part of any town he has WAHMed, he's just a very eloquent speaker with empty claims. He has not gained wealth by saving any neighborhoods but he has stolen the money from people he has told he can put to work for the good of impoverished communities while making a profit. This model has never worked for him or anyone else, his true "model" is deception. I did not create the links listed below, they are not rumors or smear campaigns. I would love to say what he claims is true, but the sad case is he has found a way to sell a dream that appears noble while disenfranchising investors.
Again, don't believe me, please do your own research on Mr. James Thomas Webb.
Mr. Ralph McNeil tells his story in the following link:
There are literally hundreds people who have a similar story. His secret is he has found a way to walk the line between what qualifies for a civil lawsuit and the SEC’s rules. This keeps legal claims against him confined to civil courts, which cannot send anyone to jail, just garnish wages. The next step is to hide any scammed monies in his wife’s or children’s names. While he also hides behind corporate identities that have a filtering effect, protecting himself from personal liability.
This site is dedicated to James Thomas Webb (aka James T Webb Master Builder), who runs a ponzi scam. Please see the following links about him:
This is not something recent, he has literally done this for years. He misappropriates victim's money to enrich himself while defrauding "investors". He has robbed millions of dollars this way. He is currently under investigation from the SEC and has been bared from doing business in North Carolina and California. I expect Florida to be soon and he has jail time coming (again) in the near future. If you take the time to read through the links I have provided, you will see he has already been in prison for lying to investigators about his dealings. He dresses well, is very charming and articulate, but please don't let this fool you, he spends his spoils on cloths, cars, gambling and prostitutes. He is a liar and thief but still a man of God. He has no conscience and continues to defraud others.
Please see him on the news dodging the questions while claiming to be a victim himself:
When he began his wave of crime, he used new investors

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