Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future

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Barry Leonard
DIANE Publishing, 2007 - 29 pages
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Many people mistakenly believe that Social Security (SS) will pay for all or most of their retire. needs, but the fact is, since its inception, SS has provided little protection. A comfortable retire. usually requires SS, pensions, personal savings & invest. The key tool for making a secure retire. a reality is financial planning. It will help clarify your retire. goals as well as other financial goals you want to ¿buy¿ along the way. It will show you how to manage your money so you can afford today¿s needs yet still fund tomorrow¿s. You¿ll learn how to save your money to make it work for you & how to protect it so it will be there when you need it. Explains how you can take the best advantage of retire. plans at work, & what to do if you¿re on your own. Illustrations.

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Page 3 - Board works to benefit the public by fostering professional standards in personal financial planning.
Page 28 - Administration US Department of Labor 200 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 20210 Dear Dr.
Page 28 - CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER BOARD OF STANDARDS, INC. 1670 Broadway, Suite 600 Denver, CO 80202-4809...
Page 25 - ... life, universal life, variable life or even universal variable life. It's disability income insurance. This often overlooked coverage pays you a monthly income if you are unable to work because of injury or illness. You are more likely to miss at least three months of work before you reach age 65 because of a disability than you are to die. Social Security Disability Insurance can pay you and your family benefits if you are severely disabled and are expected to be so for at least 12 months. Statistics...
Page 6 - Besides, you have other l. things to buy right now. Yet there are some crucial reasons to start preparing now for retirement. You'll probably have to pay for more of your own retirement than earlier generations. The sooner you get started, the better. You have one huge ally — time. Let's say that you put...
Page 3 - Saving is now a national priority, with the passage of the Savings Are Vital to Everyone's Retirement Act of 1997 (SAVER).
Page 8 - Social Security. Benefits will be higher when you start taking them. • Make use of your home. Rent out a room or move to a less expensive home and save the profits. • Sell assets that are not producing much income or growth, such as undeveloped land or a vacation home, and invest in income-producing assets.
Page 6 - What is the outlook for your health? Do you expect your family to take care of you if you are unable to care for yourself? Do you want to enter this stage of your life earlier than normal retirement age or later?
Page 14 - Tips On How To Save Smart For Retirement • Start now. Don't wait. Time is critical. • Start small, if necessary. Money may be tight, but even small amounts can make a big difference given enough time, the right kind of investments, and tax-favored vehicles such as company retirement plans, IRAs, and SEPs.
Page 21 - ESOP. Employee stock ownership plans are similar to profit-sharing plans, except that an ESOP must invest primarily in company stock. Under an ESOP, the employees share in the ownership of the company.

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