Says she to her neighbour, what?: four volumes in two, Volumes 1-2

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Van Winkle & Wiley, 1815
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Page 44 - He that imposes an oath makes it, Not he that for convenience takes it : Then how can any man be said To break an oath he never made ? These reasons may perhaps look oddly To th...
Page 12 - Now, Lord, lettest thou thy servant depart in peace, for my eyes have seen thy salvation...
Page 92 - ... it's proper Energy and Scope." Benjamin Franklin had a similarly benign view of selfinterest. As in the case of Cooper, it was Franklin's confidence in a beneficent order that allowed him to espouse self-interest; Franklin believed that "Self-Love" gave the initial force to a "virtuous Mind" and acted "As the small Pebble stirs the peaceful Lake. . . . Friend, Parent, Neighbour, first it will embrace, His Country next, and next all human Race.
Page 38 - ... da Rienzo, where Peppino Goriano lived. Peppino Goriano was a native of Fontamara, who had lived in Rome for years. Benjamin wanted Peppino's advice about getting work. But as he came nearer and nearer to the centre of this strange and unknown city his destination passed completely out of his mind. This was the first time in his life he had ever been in a big city. The iron studs on his boots rang loudly on the pavement. The look of this fierce and gigantic mountaineer attracted people's notice,...
Page 17 - I do not think So fair an outside, and such stuff within, Endows a man but he.'' — Id. "I hope it be not gone to tell my lord That I kiss aught but he."— Id. • In these passages child, man, and aught are in the objective case. Butan is sometimes a preposition in the Anglo-Saxon language ; as, " Butan wifum and cildum," without or besides women and children.
Page 59 - but she is so weak, that there are only a few hours in the day when she is able tq do it — could you see her now ?" " With great pleasure,
Page 117 - Ah ! -where do all affections thrill I ^So sweetly, as in woman's breast...

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