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1824 - 72 pages

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Page 102 - he has in him all the perfection of a spiritual nature, and since we have no notion of any kind of spiritual perfection but what we discover in our own souls, we join infinitude to each kind of these perfections, and what is a faculty in a human soul, becomes an attribute in God.
Page 111 - loves to be filled with an object, or to grasp at any thing that is too big for its capacity
Page 107 - Not content With every food of life to nourish man By kind illusions of the wond'ring sense,
Page 115 - soldier's lowly pallet with firm and unremitting tenderness; but his wounds were healed, and he rose from his sick-bed astonished at her magnanimity, and grateful for her affection. They returned together to their native country, that they might seek a reward for their past sufferings in the bosom of the
Page 114 - over her ashes; and I found that they were indeed the pangs of a mother's heart, which had caused the grief that I had witnessed. She had attended her husband abroad through many a scene of trial and
Page 115 - that gave them birth, and in the happy retirement which they best loved. Several children blessed their union; but some were nipped in the bud of infancy, and the rest prematurely destroyed, ere yet they were fully unfolded into blossoms. One beloved daughter—their beauteous Ellen—alone remained to them. All the tender shoots were withered, save this one, and her they cherished as their
Page 116 - spirit seemed to shine forth more visibly and more beautifully, when the mortal shroud which enveloped it was gradually falling away. But though she grieved not for herself, she yet mourned for those whom she felt that her death would make but too desolate, and she tried to reconcile them to the prospect of her loss, and to prepare them to bear it with fortitude.
Page 115 - earth. But, alas! the sweetest and most delicate flowers are often nipped the soonest by the chill wind, or by the blighting mildew. Her fragile form but too easily sunk under the pressure of disease, and like a tender reed bent beneath its own unsupported weight. Her eyes
Page 117 - could rest with joy. The houris of their paradise had disappeared, and with her its enchantment vanished. The poor bereaved mother first forgot the creature in the Christian. Leaning upon the " Rock of Ages," she rose above her grief, and bid her anguish cease, and her sighs
Page 115 - pride, their only surviving prop. They did not, however, allow their affections to blind their judgment, but subdued the strength of their attachment, that it might not be injurious to the character of their child. That child grew up all that her

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